Cleveland Indians, Not The Browns, Are Deserving Of Your Attention

The Cleveland Indians hardly get noticed in the local media, while the Cleveland Browns get most of the attention even when they’re not in the season. That shouldn’t be the case with the Tribe poised to contend.

It’s a tough time to be a Browns fan. All of our own free agents? Gone. Starting quarterback? Too drunk to know he got released. Starting middle linebacker? Cut to devote to a full fledged youth movement. It’s not a good time for the Orange and Brown. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t a train? There is, in fact, and it’s being driven by Chief Wahoo.

It’s OK to be frustrated with the Browns, but the Indians give Clevelanders plenty to be happy about. For the most part, the Tribe is the best sports team in the city right now. The Browns, as we all know, are a mess and looking likely to pick in the top three again. The Cavs are in first place, but they also fired their head coach and have a new piece of drama every week. The Tribe? Picked to win the division, darlings of the Vegas sports books, and plenty of young talent to generate buzz across the league.

Michael Brantley is playing a minor league rehab game on Thursday, showing signs that the outfielder is one step closer to being a fully healthy All-Star. Francisco Lindor is poised to take the next step and become the best shortstop the Indians have seen since Omar Vizquel. Either Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco, or even Danny Salazar look like they could win a Cy Young Award. Terry Francona is still Terry Francona, red scooter and giant tub of bubble gum included.

Don’t like the Dolans because they don’t spend? At least they aren’t being investigated by the FBI. Think they’re cheap? Well, they’ve paid for two years of stadium renovations out of their own pocket. If you haven’t been to a game to see the new set up at Progressive Field, you’re really missing out.

Think it’s too expensive to go to an Indians game? While Browns fans gleefully pony up around $60-$70 dollars for something posing as professional football, you can attend an Indians game for as little as $13 to hang out in right field. Heck, they’ll even throw in your first beer!

Don’t want to pay for parking? Muni lot too much of a hassle to try street lot parking for the Indians? $5 gets you a round trip ticket on the RTA. It’s a short walk from Tower City to the ballpark and worth every penny.

Ballpark food is boring? Fathead’s, Barrio, Melt, and many other local favorites have set up shop in Progressive Field. So, for that home game where you can’t get a Fat Italian from Fathead’s off your mind, the Indians have you covered.

Still can’t make it to a game? The Indians have the best radio broadcaster in the country in Tom Hamilton. He’s a cult hero in Cleveland on the same level as the Ghoulardi and is infinitely better than Austin Carr in every single aspect. Sportstime Ohio does a great job on television as well, with Matt Underwood being equally as impressive on the screen as Hamilton is on the airwaves. Really, anything is better than a Browns game called by Ian Eagle.

With two and half weeks left before Opening Day, why spend your time being frustrated by the Browns, a team that is so bad, there’s entire clothing lines devoted to their comedy of errors. There’s even an adult coloring book to help you explain to your children why Sundays in the Fall are the worst days of the year. Why not cheer for a contender? Why not cheer for a team that has played roughly .500 ball the last few seasons? If the Browns went 8-8, we’d all contemplate throwing a parade.

Move on from the Browns, please, if only for your own good. Trust me, you’ll feel better in blue and red than orange and brown.