AP Named Ohio State As Top Football Program Of All-Time

Apr 16, 2016; Columbus, OH, USA; A general view of Ohio Stadium during the Ohio State Spring Game at Ohio Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 16, 2016; Columbus, OH, USA; A general view of Ohio Stadium during the Ohio State Spring Game at Ohio Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports /

Years of success with multiple conference and national championships are just some of the accolades as to why Ohio State is so successful in football, which helped their rankings throughout the years. Due to that reason (among others), the school benefited in a recent AP poll.

Outside of their great education reputation, The Ohio State University is also known as a football school. For decades Ohio State has achieved the team awards like championships, while simultaneously seeing their players earn their own individual accomplishments. From Heisman Trophies to positional awards, and everything in between.

When football fans ponder who are some of the best programs as a whole, many (particularly Buckeyes fans) will say Ohio State. Well, the AP feels the same way.

The AP ranked the best college teams since 1936 and Ohio State was declared the top program. When the AP determined Ohio State was the best, the difference between first and second was not that close.

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"To determine the all-time Top 25, the AP formula counted poll appearances (one point) to mark consistency, No. 1 rankings (two points) to acknowledge elite programs and gave a bonus for AP championships (10 points)."

Based off of the AP’s formula, Ohio State finished with 1,112 points. The University of Oklahoma had 1,055 points, while the University of Notre Dame rounded out the top three with 1,042 points. If there is anyone curious as to where TSUN finished, they were in seventh place (894 points).

"There have only been three seasons during the 80-year history of the AP poll in which the Buckeyes were not ranked at least once, the fewest poll-less seasons of any program."

Many programs could easily be the top football program of all-time. Yet, Ohio State is the clear choice to be the AP’s choice. For multiple decades (even before the days of Woody Hayes), tOSU has won impressively, and more importantly, very frequently.

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Ohio State games are a one of a kind experience. For Ohio State students and alumni it is extra special. As an alumnus, many of fondest moments at the university surrounded Buckeye football in one way or another.

Traditions there are also not quite unique. From the dotting of the I to jumping in Mirror Lake during “Beat Michigan Week”, the stories as a student could be told for hours! Being around great teams throughout the year and experiencing the atmosphere on and before game day is something that cannot be taken for granted.

The AP did a good job with their formula for obvious reasons. Had it been for say the past 20 to 30 years even, Ohio State would likely have been mentioned in the top three, if they were not picked first.

The Ohio State football program has a high level of expectations to live up yearly. For most of them, they have excelled and at times topped such expectations. Whether it has been Hayes, his predecessors, or other more recent coaches like Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer, each of them demands a level of play above the norm.

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Such approach is a big reason why the university has had the success they have had. When the AP makes another all-time poll in the future, it will be hard to imagine Ohio State not being first again given all they have done and will continue to do.