Would Tyrod Taylor Really Make The Cleveland Browns Better At QB?


Should the Cleveland Browns take Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor if he’s available?

Cleveland Browns ESPN writer Pat McManamon predicted the team would sign Tyrod Taylor if he’s cut by the Buffalo Bills.

Now that Rex Ryan has been fired, Taylor isn’t expected to be a part of new coach Sean McDermott‘s plans.

“The Browns will release Robert Griffin III and try to sign Tyrod Taylor. Griffin played better in his final two games, but didn’t do enough to warrant another year under Hue Jackson. Jackson will instead turn to Taylor, who protected the ball, stayed healthy and played better than he’s given credit for in Buffalo,” McManamon wrote.

OK, the question in the headline asks if Taylor makes the Browns better.

The short answer is yes, but the bar’s been set pretty low.

In 2016, Taylor accounted for 23 touchdowns–17 by air, 6 by ground–and threw just six interceptions. In his two years with the Bills, he combined to throw 37 touchdowns against 14 picks. He has 10 total rushing scores.

Maybe, most importantly, he stays relatively healthy. In his two years as starter, Taylor’s started 29 of 32 possible games.

Clearly, he has some factors working in his favor–but there’s other things to consider.

NFL.com lists Taylor as 6-foot-1, 215 pounds. Current Browns QB, Robert Griffin III, is 6-foot-2, 218 pounds.

So if the Browns made the switch, they’d actually be getting smaller at the quarterback position, which is a move many fans–including this one–would condemn.

How many small quarterbacks does this franchise has to run through until it makes its bed with a big-bodied quarterback in it? The Factory of Sadness just treated us to a season in which the Browns employed five different starting quarterbacks. Another skinny quarterback, I hope not.

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Taylor backers could easily shut down this argument by pointing out his ability to stay on the field throughout the past two years, and that’s true. He’s stayed durable.

But does Tyrod Taylor really make your team better? Forget going 7-9 (I’m aware this be a dramatic improvement for the Browns). I’m talking 11-5, division championship contenders on the short list of winning a Super Bowl.

Speaking of that short list…the four quarterbacks left vying for the Vince Lombardi Trophy include Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan. All are big, strong-armed signal callers who can take a hit.

So yeah, Taylor’s got some nice stats, and he’s only 27. I get it. He’s gone to the Pro Bowl in the past after other players have dropped out. That may be his ceiling as quarterback.

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But winning the whole She-Bang and being annual contenders? Taylor probably won’t do it. It’s why the Browns need to overdraft a DeShone Kizer or Mitch Trubisky. They won’t be great right away, but their promise is much greater than Taylor’s.