Cleveland Browns: Could The Front Office Be On The Hot Seat?


Could a disappointing offseason result in a different approach for the Cleveland Browns?

The Cleveland Browns are off to a good start this offseason in their pursuit of improving the roster. They already re-signed linebacker Jamie Collins and released multiple players.

Today, the NFL announced compensatory picks which helps with their resources in the upcoming draft. March 9th is when the new NFL calendar year officially starts.

When that date arrives, we could have a better idea as to what the Browns have in mind in free agency. As a result, a better understanding of what may occur with some of those picks may happen too.

Speaking of draft picks, according to Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan, Cleveland was awarded four compensatory picks but not all of them will stay with the Browns.

"The Cleveland Browns were awarded 4 compensatory picks Friday for the upcoming draft in April but the first 2 have been lost to previous trades."

After all of the compensation was distributed to the rightful teams, Ruiter broke down where Cleveland is currently drafting.

"Browns 2017 NFL Draft PicksRound (Overall)1 (1), (12 – Philadelphia)2 (33), (52 – Tennessee)3 (65)4 (108), (142 – compensatory)5 (145), (177 – New England), (183 – compensatory)6 (187)Since Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam bought the team, the search has been ongoing to get Cleveland onto the right track. However, to get to their current point, multiple regimes were fired.More from Factory of SadnessBet $1 on ANYTHING to Unlock $200 Guaranteed with Crazy Bet365 Ohio Promo!3 reasons why the Cleveland Cavaliers have a good shot to win the East next yearIt might be too soon to say it but it looks like the Cleveland Guardians are backAre the Cleveland Browns a Top 10 roster heading into the 2023 season?Eastern Conference Solidarity: Back the Heat with $5 Bet, Win $200 Bonus INSTANTLY with DraftKings PromoWhen the Haslams brought in head coach Hue Jackson and their current front office led by VP of football operations Sashi Brown, Cleveland went outside the box to hopefully succeed.After one season, the Haslams have stayed true to their plan of seeing a long rebuild advance. That is great and all, but remembering how the Haslams have done business, I hope their vision continues. That said, I am still to a degree skeptical.As shown above, Cleveland currently holds 11 draft picks and has over $100 million to work with this offseason. If for some reason the 2017 season shows a lack of progress, that should fall more on the front office, especially Brown than Jackson.The Browns’ impressive resources this offseason should allow them to make some strides this fall. For that to occur, Brown must execute and not postpone their resources and flexibility.How does that you may ask. Well, it is simple…. spend money on established free agents and do not trade down, especially in round one!Related Story: Five Best Decisions Of Sashi BrownCleveland has the money to fill key needs before the draft. It is nice to have the cap space, but the time is now to spend. If Brown and company decides to take a relaxed stance in free agency and possibly the draft, more criticism regarding Cleveland’s front office awaits.There are valuable linemen, defensive backs, and others in free agency that would benefit Cleveland now and in the future. As far as the draft goes, Brown must decide soon what is the plan at quarterback.Is it another year of Robert Griffin III/Cody Kessler or someone via trade, free agency, or the draft? That decision will dictate how the free agency and draft should play out. If another 1-15 or similar record happens again, will changes happen?They may, but if so, that won’t happen until after the 2017 season. Plus, only the front office should then be concerned about eventually being on the hot seat. As long as Brown and the front office acquires the necessary players this offseason, there is no speculation of what could be.Next: Browns Three Day Mock DraftThe key to all of this is first getting the right players. From there the waiting games comes into play and hopefully progress is made. Browns 2017 NFL Draft PicksRound (Overall)1 (1), (12 – Philadelphia)2 (33), (52 – Tennessee)3 (65)4 (108), (142 – compensatory)5 (145), (177 – New England), (183 – compensatory)6 (187)"