March Madness Factory of Sadness Tournament Championship

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Feb 6, 2017; Washington, DC, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love (0) reacts after guard Kyle Korver (26) makes a three point shot during overtime against the Washington Wizards at Verizon Center. Cleveland Cavaliers defeated Washington Wizards 140-135 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports /


  • J.T. Barrett – Barrett is the only three-time captain in Ohio State football history. Last year was maybe a year too early for the young Buckeyes, but in 2017, Barrett is going to need to prove himself to not only his teammates, but also the country. If he can have a solid year, he will likely be in the running for the Heisman and have the Bucks in the running for a CFB Playoff spot. 
  • Kevin Love – Fans have wanted Love run out of Cleveland multiple times throughout his tenure with the Cavs, but before injury slowed him down, he had really found his groove.From hitting clutch 3’s to becoming a surprisingly good defensive player, it is safe to safe Love is now “LOVEd” in The Land. Do not forget “The Stop” either, where he shut down the first ever Unanimous MVP in NBA history, on one of the most crucial possessions of Game 7.
  • Danny Shelton – Shelton was the Browns’ first-round pick out of Washington in 2015. On the field, he plays a position where the numbers do not directly affect his performance. It is more about creating havoc on the line, and that is what he has been doing. Shelton has also proved how loyal he is to Browns fans. Before the 2016 season, Shelton changed numbers, and for the fans who had his old number, No. 71, he held a free autograph signing.
  • Edwin Encarnacion – Arguably the biggest free agent the Indians have signed in recent history, EE has given the team an even better chance at returning to the World Series. He is the type of hitter that is going to make things happen at the plate by producing runs and making opposing pitchers fear the Indians’ lineup. Losing Mike Napoli hurt, but the Indians landed the big fish this offseason, in the 40 home run producer, Encarnacion.
  • Kyle Korver – The biggest addition the Cavs made before the trading deadline was Korver. Along with J.R. Smith, Korver is a very deadly shooter. His fit in Cleveland is perfect, as he can run off of screens, catch and shoot – exactly what he does best. His assimilation into the Cavs lineup has been seamless and LeBron James loves having “White Lightning,” as Channing Frye calls him, as an option on the wing.
  • Jae’Sean Tate – Tate was a bright spot for the Buckeyes’ basketball program this year that did not live up to expectations. He lead the team in scoring with over 14 points per game, shooting nearly 55 percent from the field. The junior forward has upped his averages each season and looks poised for a big senior season next year.
  • Channing Frye – A college teammate of Jefferson and now a teammate of his on the Cavs, Frye brings a personality and chemistry you want on every team. He is extremely well-liked among all of his teammates and is a perfect fit on the Cavs roster. He is not just a big guy, as he is also a threat from deep and someone teams cannot leave open. His Snapchat game is not far behind RJ’s either, and his podcast with Jefferson is nothing short of fantastic.
  • Tate Martell – Martell is the youngest guy on this list and has not proved anything yet, but the expectations are high for the OSU quarterback. An incoming freshman from Florida, Martell may work his way onto the field in some capacity.