March Madness Factory of Sadness Tournament Championship

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Ryan – Corey Kluber (3) v. J.R. Smith (4): The Klubot takes on the man who seems to fear no one. This great matchup, but the magical run J.R. has gone on ends here. The Cy Young boosts Kluber. Pick: Kluber (3)

Eric – Corey Kluber (3) v. J.R. Smith (4): As mentioned before, Smith has helped bring a championship to Cleveland. Despite Kluber winning a CY Young for the Indians, a championship outweighs a CY Young. J.R. Smith wins the East Region. Pick: Smith (4)


Ryan – J.T. Barrett (1) v. Kevin Love (2): The inconsistent play of Barrett, especially in big games, comes back to bite him here. Love, whose clutch play in Game 7 helped the Cavs immensely, advanced to the Final Four. Pick: Love (2)

Eric – J.T. Barrett (1) v. Kevin Love (2): Both of this men are critical to their teams winning a championship. Unfortunately due to injuries to Barrett, Love wins this one. Pick: Love (2)


Ryan – Joe Thomas (1) v. Francisco Lindor (2): Ultimately, the fact that Thomas plays for the Browns really hurts him. The boost Lindor has given the Tribe since being called up gives him the Midwest Region crown. Pick: Lindor (2)

Eric – Joe Thomas (1) v. Francisco Lindor (2): Thomas has been a figure in Cleveland sports for almost 10 years now, but the present is now. Francisco Lindor has stepped up and taken over that superstar figure. Pick: Lindor (2)


Ryan – Kyrie Irving (1) v. Myles Garrett (6): All of the other one seeds have gone down, but Irving has the easiest road to the Final Four out of them all. He takes care of the soon-to-be-rookie, thanks to his “Mamba Mentality” of destroying his opponents. Pick: Irving (1)

Eric – Kyrie Irving (1) v. Carlos Carrasco (7): Irving is one of the most polarizing figures in all of the NBA and one of the best at his position. For Carrasco, injuries last season really derailed what chances he had at pulling out this Cinderella story. Kyrie moves on to the Final Four. Pick: Irving (1)