March Madness Factory of Sadness Tournament Championship

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Ryan – Corey Kluber (3) v. Kevin Love (2): This matchup was far too close for me to call. Kluber put the team on his back in the postseason last year, while Love’s game improved so dramatically following his shoulder injury in the 2015 playoffs. Ultimately, it comes down to availability, where Love has dealt with some minor injuries that end his chance at a championship. Pick: Kluber (3)

Eric – J.R. Smith (4) v. Kevin Love (2): J.R. is very much loved in the city of Cleveland, but so is K-Love. Both of them bring huge assets to the table when it comes to the Cavaliers. However, Love’s ability to rebound the ball and the way he stepped up his defense, along with the his popularity, moves him into the championship round. Pick: Love (2)


Ryan – Francisco Lindor (2) v. Kyrie Irving (1): This is a battle between my two favorite players in all of sports. Looking at the bracket, I knew this matchup was going to come in the Final Four. Both are fantastic young players, but Irving gets the slight nod thanks to his ring count – one to none for Lindor. Pick: Irving (1)

Eric – Francisco Lindor (2) v. Kyrie Irving (1): This is another one of those matchups that would go into overtime, a second overtime and even possibly a third overtime. Each of these guys are young, polarizing figures in their respective sports. However, championships are important. Kyrie movies on. Pick: Irving (1)


Ryan – Corey Kluber (3) v. Kyrie Irving (1): Kluber has yet to face a one seed in the tournament until now, where he faces the South Region champion in Irving. Both men are special players for their respective teams, and both teams struggle when each of them are not in the lineup. Also, both are willing to step up in big situations – Kluber taking the ball on three days rest in the playoffs and Irving taking “The Shot” in the Finals. Kluber’s personality is huge for a championship game like this, but Irving is one of few who can challenge that. The near-even battle is settled thanks to Irving’s alter-ego: Uncle Drew. It is all about buckets in the championship game. Pick: Irving (1)

Eric – Kevin Love (2) v. Kyrie Irving (1): Down 3-1 in the NBA Finals, not many people thought the Cavs were going to pull it off and come back for the upset.

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When Game 7 started, not many people thought the Cavs had a shot at Oracle Arena. It was not until Kyrie Irving hit “The Shot” over Steph Curry to win an NBA Championship, giving the city its first championship in 52 years. Kyrie Irving is Cleveland’s superstar. Pick: Irving (1)