Browns Trade Talk: Here’s Why Mitch Trubisky At No. 1 Is A Smokescreen

Nov 19, 2016; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels quarterback Mitch Trubisky (10) looks to pass in the first quarter at Kenan Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 19, 2016; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels quarterback Mitch Trubisky (10) looks to pass in the first quarter at Kenan Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports /

In Browns trade talk, Cleveland’s interest in Mitch Trubisky with the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft should be viewed as nothing more than a smokescreen.

The smoke emanating from the Cleveland Browns Berea-based headquarters can be seen all the way from Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. The 2017 NFL Draft is approaching, and Browns trade talk is bubbling as the front office is planting the seeds of deal, which will assuredly make for an intriguing, and probably head scratching first round April 27.

When Adam Schefter tweets, everyone pays attention. That’s why Schefty caught the NFL world off guard when he said the Browns are legitimately torn between hometown product Mitchell Trubisky and EDGE rusher Myles Garrett with the No. 1 overall pick.

Excuse me, I have to slap myself in the face. Twice. There. That’s better. It’s just that for months, you, me and aliens on the outskirts of the galaxy have been told Garrett, the Texas A&M athletic freak, is the best player in the draft by a four miles.

So what’s up with Schefter’s report?

We’re witnessing the Browns front office creating the smokescreens of all smokescreens. After all, it’s the time of the year where NFL teams lie and manipulate their ways to better draft picks come draft day. Generally this type of behavior is a mega societal faux pas, but in the NFL during draft season? It’s all good.

Remember when ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi used circumstantial evidence in an attempt to connect ESPN writer Bill Barnwell to the Browns? Grossi’s idea was largely based off Barnwell predicting the Browns acquisition of Brock Osweiler, as well as draft picks to accelerate their rebuilding process.

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Grossi took a beating on social media, especially from Barnwell’s friend, Bill Simmons.

While it was surprising to see Grossi post something in which he didn’t have any proof, or even a source, don’t overlook his point: The Browns may be more willing to trade the first pick than you’d think.

Barnwell says he isn’t employed by the Browns, but the writer, who’s heavily steeped in analytics, is clearly thinking on the same level as Cleveland’s Harvard educated front office, and just recently, he proposed an idea in which the Browns trade down because “History,” as Barnwell wrote, says trading out of No. 1 is the best idea.

Now we have Sashi Brown and Paul DePodesta, just a little over two weeks before draft day, trying to create a sense of urgency for Trubisky.

The Bears, who pick third, could be interested in Trubisky, even after signing Mike Glennon this offseason. Chicago gave Glennon a ton of money, but no one views him as a franchise signal caller.

At No. 2, the 49ers shouldn’t be forgotten, either. We’re assuming Kyle Shanahan will wait a year for Kirk Cousins, yet Trubisky is the only quarterback that Shanahan personally worked out, according to Schefter.

The Jets are sitting at No. 6, as well. This is a team that just signed Josh McCown. They’re either tanking for 2018, or they like a quarterback in the first round.

If the Browns can convince the Bears Trubisky won’t be available at No. 3, Cleveland can trade down two spots, while also adding one of those highly coveted second-round picks this regime oh-so loves in a draft-day trade.

Could the Browns still come away with Myles Garrett if this scenario plays out? San Francisco would have to pick him, right? Logic says yes, but when the clock starts ticking, throw everything you think you know out the window. Perhaps the Browns do trade down and end up with Stanford pass rusher Jonathan Allen, or safety Malik Hooker. Just know, it’ll be spun as though Cleveland got the player on the top of their board.

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If the Browns take a quarterback in this draft, Trubisky is my favorite, and yeah, his local flavor does blind my decision making. If this kid goes on to succeed and the Browns pass him up, my fandom will spiral into a serious depression, and yours should too! Knowing the Browns passed on a kid with franchise quarterback potential who used to play his own freakin’ high school games in FirstEnergy Stadium? Only the Browns.

With that said, the Browns can’t take him first. but I would use my collection of assets to move up from 12 if they truly like Trubisky.

I write this knowing how unlikely this scenario is of unfolding. It isn’t within the Browns analytical approach to give up draft picks. Additionally, Brown and DePodesta didn’t like Carson Wentz in 2016, who entered the draft with 612 college passing attempts to his name.

Should we believe the Browns like Trubisky and his 13 college starts more, and are willing to give away draft picks to move up and select him?

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I want to drink that Kool-Aid, but don’t kid yourselves, it’s not for sale.