Cleveland coffee heroes: First Delly, and now, MLB All-Star Jose Ramirez

CLEVELAND, OH - JULY 6: Jose Ramirez
CLEVELAND, OH - JULY 6: Jose Ramirez /

Cleveland has its newest coffee hero, and it’s none other than MLB All-Star Jose Ramirez. Legendary Cleveland coffee drinker Matthew Dellavedova would approve.

You know what LeBron says about northeast Ohio; Nothing is given. Everything is earned. Greater Cleveland is full of grinders. People who wake up with coffee–the life force that fuels them through the day.

So when a pro athlete declares his affinity for a cup of Joe, Cleveland takes notice.

In Cleveland, we love our underdog athletes, guys who have grinded every single day of their lives to even have a shot at playing pro sports. When a guy lacks elite physical attributes, we fall in love in even more.

Oh, he’s not the fastest, tallest, or he doesn’t jump the highest? That’s OK, because he works hard and gets after it, every single day, just like us.

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And when one of these beloved athletes reveals his love for coffee, like when Matthew Dellavedova did when he revealed he had to give up his pre-game cup before Game 4 of the NBA Finals because of deyhydration worries, you hit folk-hero status.

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Now, the Australian, who now plays in Milwaukee has company in The Land’s coffee-sports folklore,

Jose Ramirez doesn’t fit the profile of what a superstar athlete is supposed to be. He’s 5-foot-9, 190 pounds. When he smiles, the glow of baby fat in his cheeks beams with youthful exuberence.

He’s someone the Indians found as a teenager playing on the same field where goats were grazing. He wasn’t supposed to be become a budding superstar. He wasn’t supposed to ever start at third base in the MLB All-Star game.

Like, Delly, Ramirez is a grinder. He has his fun, but he watches and studies during games.  His play suggests he takes nothing for granted. He brings a swagger to the field that shouldn’t rub you the wrong way. He’s confident, but not cocky. He puts in the work, and all he’s done is hit around .300 at every level he’s ever played.

And now he’s a coffee legend.

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Cleveland Coffee Company hired Ramirez to be their spokesman, just as the company did with Dellavedova during his run with the Cavs. Ramirez even has his own blend, just like Delly did.

One day after Ramirez said he was going to give away 500 bags to the fans as a way of saying thanks to the fans for getting him into the All-Star game, coffee impacted his game.

It wasn’t Ramirez’s best moment. The 24-year-old was trying to make a play by trying to get to third on a Bradley Zimmer sac fly. The ball popped away from the third baseman, and Ramirez thought he could get to third. It was the third time in three days that Ramirez had been thrown out on the basepaths.

Asked what he was thinking as he attempted to score, Ramirez blamed the coffee.

There you have it Cleveland, a new coffee hero.

Hopefully Jose doesn’t quit the Joe, but keep your fingers crossed that it stops negatively impacting his base running decisions.

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Although if he keeps mashing like this…we’ll deal with some base-path blunders.