Cavs summer league: 5 players who could make the 2017-2018 roster

SACRAMENTO, CA - MARCH 17: Sam Cassell Jr.
SACRAMENTO, CA - MARCH 17: Sam Cassell Jr. /
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Edy Tavares, C

Edy Tavares, a 7-foot-3 center is becoming a folk legend among diehard Cleveland basketball fans, who are well aware that he led the D-League in WARP last season.

Tavares made one appearance with the Cavs last season in April before breaking his hand.

Tavares is young and he gives the Cavs some much needed size, but how does he fit in in today’s NBA, where the Warriors have everyone scrambling to get smaller.’s Michael Pina wrote about Tavares’ place in the league.

"Defending in space is a must in today’s NBA, and stationary bigs are rapidly becoming dusty relics due to an annual uptick in three-point attempts by just about every team in the league. Tavares isn’t fast enough to switch out on a guard 25 feet from the rim, but he also isn’t a Dead Defender Walking every time he steps out of the paint. For what he lacks in lateral quickness, Tavares makes up for with arms literally long enough to Windex a smudge off the backboard. Many of his blocks last year were from behind, erasing would-be layups from guards who thought they had an open runway to the basket."

Additionally, rim protectors will always be a necessity in the NBA. Remember, the Cavs tried Andrew Bogut out last season, knowing full well they’d be going up against the Warriors in June.

That experiment failed, but the point was still well taken: You’ve got to protect the rim.

While Tavares has improved significantly on defense, especially looking more comfortable on switches an pick and rolls, he still miles away from being a decent offensive threat.

But 7-3 is 7-3. Hopefully the Cavs can find a place for him.

Tavares, 25, is a former second round pick of the Atlanta Hawks in 2014. He’s played internationally mostly, but did spend last year playing for the Raptors D-League squad before getting signed by the Cavs.