Cleveland Cavaliers: Slim chances that Dwyane Wade teams up with LeBron James?

MIAMI, FL - NOVEMBER 10: Dwyane Wade
MIAMI, FL - NOVEMBER 10: Dwyane Wade /

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ offseason has been fueled by drama, inconsistencies, and disappointment. Although moves have been made, potentially adding a future hall of famer would help.

Heading into the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ offseason, many expected them to make that trade to acquire yet another all-star, while also getting former general manager David Griffin to remain with the team. Other ideal scenarios were also expected, but those two specifically did not happen.

Cleveland still needs to upgrade their bench more and expecting PF/C Tristan Thompson to actually improve his game is wishful thinking. So, what else could happen in terms of addition to the roster? How about adding guard Dwyane Wade?

Wade and forward LeBron James excelled together winning two championships together as teammates with the Miami Heat. Their friendship is unquestioned, but their respective games could be.

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More so Wade than James, injuries and age have been evident. However, James is in the declining stage of his career even if people don’t want to admit it or see it.

Regardless, both future hall of famers could benefit one another and with the team that is currently constructed, getting back to the NBA Finals should be the end result. Thus, another championship could be added to their respective resumes.

That is all nice and all but a couple of things. One, how can Wade join the Cavaliers and two, how likely is it?

Wade is still under contract with the Chicago Bulls. If he were to leave Chicago, it more than likely would be via a buyout, which could be coming in the foreseeable future.

Now, if such an agreement were to be made and Wade did end up signing with Cleveland, assuming that he’d be the player he was with the Heat would be unfair; Quite ridiculous actually.

So, knowing that the Bulls are in rebuild mode, it should be only a matter of time before his time in Chicago ends. That said, Cleveland is a very tempting destination but it is no guarantee.

Why you ask? Should Wade become a free agent, joining James may not actually happen if his recent decision with where his kids are going to school plays into his decision. Andy Slater of 940AM WINZ explained:

So how about that? This could easily be a coincidence, but you never know. If it is not, going back to where it all started in the NBA for Wade would make a lot of sense. Soon enough we will know more about Wade’s future.

If/when given the opportunity to choose where he will be playing this fall will be quite intriguing. Will he go back to the Heat, join the Cavs, or maybe join another team?

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Right now, I’d say it is 50/50 between the Heat and joining James in Cleveland. When push comes to shove though, Wade will be back in Miami.