Cleveland Browns: Watch the 10 worst missed blocks of Cam Erving’s career

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 06: Cameron Erving
CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 06: Cameron Erving /

Cameron Erving is gone, as a result of the Cleveland Browns trade with the Kansas City Chiefs for a conditional fifth-round draft pick in 2018.

The Cameron Erving era is over after a Cleveland Brown trade sent the former first-round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for a fifth-round selection in 2018.

Cleveland continues to add picks with the trade of Erving.

A lot of jokes will be made, because Erving was low hanging fruit. But by most accounts, he was a good guy who worked hard–he just had that first-round pick cloud hanging over his head and he just couldn’t live up to the hype.

Perhaps the most surreal moment of the Erving trade is that the move is being celebrated in Kansas City because of yours and mine favorite buzzword, “Value.”

From the NFL Network’s Ian Rappoport.

And this guy, sure, get excited about Patrick Mahomes, but Cameron Erving.

Ask Mahomes how excited he is to have an offensive lineman famous for being bullrushed and blowing blocks.

No offensive lineman in the age of social media was featured so much on social media–unfortunately, that’s a bad thing.

Erving was overdrafted in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft (19th overall) by GM Ray Farmer. The chapter on Farmer’s brief time has been written, and there will be no revisionist historians changing anything about the tone of his draft picks.

Erving was drafted to play center, and it seemed like a good idea. He was the center for Jameis Winston en route to the Seminoles run to a national title.

Slam dunk, pick, right?

It was often lost among draft experts that Erving had played a number of his college games at tackle. He was moved to center after an injury.

After he got to the Browns, the Mike Pettine led coaching staff tried Erving at a number of positions. ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi was one of the first to forecast Erving’s future: Jack of trades, master of none.

And so it ends…but before it does, the top 10 missed blocks of Erving’s Browns career, ranked!

No. 10: He’ll never work for Allstate

No. 9: Whoops…

No. 8: Josh McCown just couldn’t stay healthy…

No. 7: They tried him out at right tackle, too.

No. 6: But to be fair, no one looks good in the orange pants.

No. 5 The Tweet says it all…

No. 4: Erving at right guard. One minute he’s there, the next he’s not #spinmove.

No. 3: Offensive lineman probably aren’t supposed to be rolling around the field like this.

No. 2: The nose tackle is right in front of him. It’s got to be hard to whiff like this…

No. 1: Against the Steelers, a piece of notebook paper might’ve worked better against the rush.

Perhaps a change of scenery will serve Erving well.

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It just wasn’t going to happen for him a Browns uniform.