Ohio State football: 5 reasons the Buckeyes will destroy UNLV

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2. J.K Dobbins will once again prove to be unstoppable against an inferior Rebels defense.

This season has been one of insufficient greatness so far. Disappointment wouldn’t quite hit the mark when describing it. This is because nobody knew what to expect from the Bucks this season following their exposure in the playoffs on New Years’. The explanation for this is simple: the Bucks have not displayed much of anything as far as being a top ranked team goes.

However, there is one thing that the Bucks have which merits excellence. True freshman J.K. Dobbins has lit the flame that the Bucks so desperately needed since his very first snap. The one bright spot on this Buckeyes’ team has come in the form of a 5’10” freshman who can fly. Rightly so, Dobbins’ speed matched with nifty footwork has made him the talk of the town.

The emergence of J.K. Dobbins has not only significantly impacted the Buckeyes’ offense as a whole but it has also affected the role of teammate Mike Weber. Dobbins has taken over as the lead back in this offense. Yes, Weber has been hobbled by injury but Dobbins’ explosiveness out of the backfield is just what the team needs. Dobbins has out carried Weber 58 carries to seven.

With that being said, there is still a role for Weber in this offense. Weber isn’t nearly as explosive as Dobbins, especially considering his injury, but he can be used to break down defenses between the tackles. The ability to run through defenders and gain tough yards in short yardage situations will earn Weber some valuable carries.

Last season, Weber was the Bucks’ leading rusher and was one of only three freshmen in school history to eclipse 1,000 rushing yards in a season. His efforts helped the Bucks to accruing by far the most rushing yards in the Big Ten last season.

Dobbins has already rushed for 426 yards in just three games. That’s good for second in the Big Ten in total rushing yards. He is currently averaging a whopping 7.7 yards per carry. For some perspective, Penn State’s Heisman candidate tailback Saquon Barkley is more than a hundred rushing yards behind Dobbins while tying him in touchdowns.

Last season, the Rebels ranked 78th in the nation against the run. If the Rebels can’t stop the run in the Mountain West conference, then there is no reason to believe that they have a shot at stopping the run against a team in the Big Ten let alone the Buckeyes.

In short, the Rebels simply do not have the strength defensively to slow down Dobbins or Weber. Their best shot at staying in the game against the Bucks will be to sell out against the run but even that may not be enough. Expect J.K. Dobbins to capitalize on yet another opportunity to cement his spot as the Buckeyes’ featured back as well as becoming a serious threat to overtake the college football scene as a whole moving forward.