The state of the Cleveland Browns is the worst its ever been

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 15: Kevin Hogan
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 15: Kevin Hogan /

The Voice of the Fan is back, weighing in on his beloved Cleveland Browns who have disappointed more than ever in his 60 years of fandom.

Criticizing the team I’ve loved and rooted for the last 60 years isn’t easy, but here it goes.

This “dis”organization is in real trouble with its fans. How much losing can the fan base endure?

Sports is supposed to be entertaining. There’s a reasonable expectation that your team can win any given Sunday. It should, at the very least, give you a reason to watch.

But nope, not these Clowns. The Browns are so far from even being at that point, it’s pathetic, and apathy may have finally set in.

The organization had to give fans Cedar Point tickets to attend the second home game of the season.

We’re talking about a team that’s 4-39 since a Mike Pettine coached team beat the Falcons in Atlanta with Brian Hoyer under center. We’re talking about a team that’s 1-21 with Sashi Brown in charge and Hue Jackson as its head coach.

If you don’t care any more, that’s OK. This team isn’t the worth the time.

Just look at the offense. Do you see an NFL caliber quarterback on this roster?

Remember these words from Hue Jackson when he drafted Cody Kessler?

“Trust me,” he said.

Trust this: The Browns have passed on Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson. Those drafts saw our beloved orange helmets come away with Kessler and DeShone Kizer.

Let’s see which team has a better record Philadelphia, Houston or Cleveland? You get two guesses.

Cleveland’s offensive line was supposed to be fixed with the acquisition of Kevin Zeitler and JC Tretter. These signings were widely applauded, but it feels like owner Jimmy Haslam isn’t getting his money’s worth.

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Plus, another draft pick of the Sashi-DePodesta regime, Shon Coleman, is our starting right tackle.  How many penalties did he have against against the Texans?

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And then there’s the receiving corps. Catching the ball is a staple of the game, but there he is in the flesh, The Big Dropsy, aka Kenny Britt. Corey Coleman is a slot guy if he ever gets healthy. There was the hope he’d adjust to the league after being a big-time playmaker at Baylor. But evidently that was wrong!

On the defensive side of the ball,  the line has improved but needs another pass rusher preferably a tackle to help Myles Garrett.

The linebackers need to improve their covering skills. How many tight ends will Cleveland’s defense make Pro Bowl eligible? Yeesh.

The corners and safeties leave a lot to be desired. Too  many eyes in the backfield and not on their man. Then when they do matchup, perhaps Gregg Williams could teach them to actually look around for the ball.

Overall the Cleveland Browns have become The Three Stoogers meeting Laurel and Hardy.

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Are these criticisms too harsh? Perhaps. But I’m tired of the losing. Tired of the lack of progress. No one expects a playoff team. We’d take 6-10. But even that seems miles away.