Cleveland Browns trade rumors: T.Y. Hilton deal too little, too late


As the NFL trade deadline nears, talk is ramping up over Cleveland Browns rumors, particularly over Indianapolis Colts receiver T.Y. Hilton.

T.Y. Hilton is supposedly available.


The Colts wideout can go from the second-worst team in the league to suiting up for the true cellar dwellars at The Factory of Sadness.

Hey, I get it. The Browns are historically bad and everyone is hungry for Browns rumors surrounding a trade for Hilton.

He’s a recognizable name and the receiving position in Cleveland is deplorable.

The Colts are having a down season, largely to Andrew Luck not being healthy (shoulder) enough to play. Through eight weeks, it’d be a surprise to see Luck play at all in 2017. The Colts would be better served shutting him down, losing, getting a high pick and giving it a go next year. They’ll be instant contenders with Luck in the mix.

With that being the case, you can understand why Hilton doesn’t want to leave Indy, according to PFT’s Mike Florio.

The 27-year-old doesn’t want to leave his current team…do you really think he’d want to play for the Browns?

That’s another issue.

The Hilton rumor, in addition to the other rumors leaking over the Browns looking for wide receiver help is ridiculous. Of course they’re looking for help. Their entire corps would be lucky to even be on another NFL roster at his point!

Ask yourselves, why wasn’t Sashi Brown looking for receivers earlier?

Oh yeah, his big play was giving Terrelle Pryor‘s money to Kenny Britt. Great move, Sashi.

Now the the team contract negotiator turned VP of football operations may be feeling the pressure to cover for his organization’s mistakes as his rookie quarterback continues to fail late in games as other quarterbacks the Browns passed on, such as Deshaun Watson, thrive.

Hilton’s a veteran presence, but as Florio also reported, the Colts aren’t giving him a way. Look for the Texans to ask for the Texans second round, which the Browns acquired in the Osweiler trade.

Browns fans then need to take a long look in the mirror and ask themselves if they really want Sashi Brown and Paul DePodesta making any trades.

Hue Jackson is on the hot seat, despite what the coach says about having the confidence of ownership. Brown and Depodesta are the ones who’ve supplied Jackson with the hot mess that takes the field every Sunday. It’s only logical they’re on borrowed time, too.

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If Jimmy Haslam has to hire a new front office executive, such as Peyton Manning, those five draft picks in the first two rounds would be very enticing.

Hilton would make us feel a little bit better about this year, but what would his presence really accomplish Technically, the Browns would be improved, but, good enough to win a game? I’m not convinced.

Hilton’s suffering from not having Luck around. He’s got just 29 receptions, after hauling in 89 passes en route to a Pro Bowl berth last season. He’s a good player who’s game looks to be elevated by playing with a  great quarterback.

DeShone Kizer has potential, but he’s not even good right now.

Hilton’s arrival would be to little, too late, and it shouldn’t come at the cost of jeopardizing a new front office. The Browns are the joke of the NFL, they can’t sacrifice the only capital they have when it comes to making a good front office hire.

Next: 2017 a make or break season for the Browns?

Don’t get your hopes up Browns fans, because while the trade deadline is on Halloween, this front office shouldn’t be given more opportunities. They continue to dole out tricks to their fan base, and never any treats