2018 NFL Mock Draft: Bleacher Report nails Cleveland Browns picks


Consider the 2018 NFL Mock Draft recently posted on the Bleacher Report as the perfect first round for the Cleveland Browns.

As the Browns season counties to fall farther into an abyss, fans are scouring whatever 2018 NFL Mock Draft they can find, in search of discovering hope for their beaten down franchise.

It’s not exactly clear who’s going to be calling the shots for on draft day. Right now, it’s still Sashi Brown, the team’s executive vice president of football operations. But considering how Brown botched team activity at the trade deadline, there’s, at the very least, a chance Brown is going to lose his job.

We can talk about Peyton Manning, or some other candidate, but the truth is this: Anyone with a draft guide from their local Walgreens could been more successful drafting for the Browns the past two seasons.

Welp, hopefully the powers-that-be are paying attention to the mock Matt Miller filed on the Bleacher Report, because it’s perfect for the Browns.

Heading into Week 9, Browns fans should be able to agree on this: The defense is dramatically improved, as the city finally has a team that can stop the run. Offensively, there’s still questions at quarterback. No. 2: There are no playmakers on offense besides Duke Johnson.

Miller’s solution. Take UCLA’s Josh Rosen No. 1, and follow that pick up with stud Alabama wideout Calvin Ridley at No. 12.

Here’s what Miller wrote about Rosen:

"“After failing to send in the paperwork to acquire AJ McCarron, the Browns are back on quarterback watch. Rosen is the best passer in this year’s class and the most NFL-ready.”"

Rosen would be my preference, just because he’s the most NFL ready. Like fellow quarterbacks Sam Darnold and Josh Allen, he’s got his team playing below expectations. He’s only completing 63 percent of his passes, but that’s a four-percentage point improvement from a season ago.

Darnold is completing 62.5 percent of his passes, which is around a five-point drop.

As for Ridley, Miller wrote:

"Whoever is playing quarterback for Cleveland next season will need more talent around him at wide receiver. Even though this front office has spent a large number of picks and money on receivers, it’s still a massive need. Calvin Ridley is a natural route-runner and pass-catcher with No. 1 receiver potential."

Ridley is listed as 6-foot-1, 190 pounds. He’s not as tall as you’d like him (I’d prefer my receivers to be 6-2), but he certainly looks the part. For reference sake, Josh Gordon is 6-2, while Oakland receiver Amari Cooper is 6-1.

While Ridley’s an undergrad, he’s getting his Crimson Tide phD in burning corners downfield.

For all the guff Hue Jackson‘s been getting, you’ve got to remember the Browns hired him based off what he did in Cincinnati. If you’re going to hold him to that standard, you’ve got to give him comparable weapons.

The idea of matching Ridley with Josh Gordon and putting Corey Coleman in the slot all of a sudden elevate a currently deplorable receiving corps into something very exciting.

• Miller predicted Saquon Barkley would be drafted by the 49ers second overall. That’s the luxury of having a quarterback you trust in place. Jimmy Garoppolo is future of 49er football and it’d make sense to give him a running back to help shoulder the load.

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Barkley’s a great player, but the Browns have put themselves in this position. It’s time to identify the quarterback of the future and move forward. They can’t pass on Carson Wentz or Deshaun Watson again!