Cleveland Browns: 4 most egregious moments from Sashi Brown’s press conference

SANTA CLARA, CA - NOVEMBER 05: Jimmy Garoppolo
SANTA CLARA, CA - NOVEMBER 05: Jimmy Garoppolo /
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3. Botched Cincy trade seems even worse

What really happened in the botched trade with the Cincinnati Bengals for A.J. McCarron?

He said the Bengals trade “was talked about for weeks,” and that neither the Browns, nor Cincinnati got the appropriate paperwork in on time.

ESPN reported that the Browns handled trade business as they usually do. The Browns wrote up the trade, and sent it to Cincy via email. It was never seen, so Cincy just sent in their own

Brown was firm this is the way the Browns do business, although it is not how trades are supposed to work in the NFL, according to Peter King, who read the rule on ESPN Cleveland’s The Really Big Show.

Cleveland was talking for weeks about getting McCarron. The front office probably felt that a second- and third-rounder was too much, but ultimately, that’s what was agreed upon.

Brown said it was a “fair critique” as to whether the deal could’ve been finished sooner.

Thanks, Sashi.

If you were a proponent of getting McCarron, and I was, because the Browns have done nothing to prove they can turn a second or third rounder into a great player, you’ve got to get this deal done.

Fans upset and embarrassed by this botched trade have to look no further than the Jimmy G deal. It started on on Monday morning, Oct. 30, and was finished by the end of the night.

Sashi doesn’t look any better as a result of his statement on this embarrassment. Get. The. Deal. Done.

And he didn’t.