Cleveland Browns: Is there anything to be thankful for?

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 19: DeShone Kizer /

The Cleveland Browns’ season has not been filled with many positives. However, does that mean there is nothing to be thankful for?

What can I say? The Cleveland Browns are a mess but that isn’t news to anyone.

At 0-10 in 2017 and 1-25 over the last two seasons, there is not a better way to describe Cleveland’s current state.

Despite how bad they look (and often times it is different each week), there has to be something — at least one thing that the Browns or their fans can be thankful right? I mean, it is Thanksgiving week after all.

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It is easy to disregard any slivers of hope but yes, there are some things Browns-related that one could be thankful for.

First things first: The season is almost over. Typically, that would be bad news but for Cleveland, it can’t come soon enough. The frustrating season is coming to a close as another losing season is added to the team’s streak. The 2018 draft cannot get here soon enough.

Speaking of the draft, it may be just a matter of time before head coach Hue Jackson and/or key decision-makers in the front office are looking for a new job. Both sides deserve blame for what has been seen on the field.

However, if push comes to shove, I’m getting rid of EVP Sashi Brown. On the other hand, regardless of what does/doesn’t happen, does it really matter since no stability has been established?

From there, whether we saw the last of left tackle Joe Thomas or not, at least another cornerstone player is seen along a line. No, it is not on the offensive line, but rather the defensive via defensive end Myles Garrett.

When healthy and that is the key word here, Garrett has shown in limited action that he is elite. While left guard Joel Bitonio would be regarded as the next best o-lineman after Thomas, there’s no doubt that Garrett already is the best on the defensive side.

Knowing there is not much to like or be exited about on offense as a whole is understandable. With that in mind, there is an exception thanks to wide receiver Josh Gordon.

While he won’t see the field until Week 13, he at least will provide a decent sample size.

During the games Gordon will be eligible for, maybe he will be able to be that spark Cleveland and especially quarterback DeShone Kizer needs. Assuming Gordon can benefit the offense, that would favor Kizer’s chances of being the starter in 2018 as the Browns enter the offseason.

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Are these ideal positives one should be thankful for? For some yes, but in time both the quality and quantity will be better. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!