Cleveland Browns: Latest example of why some are too critical of Kizer

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 19: DeShone Kizer /

Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer has not had a warm welcoming to the NFL. He deserves some blame for how they have played but certainly not all.

Whether you like DeShone Kizer or not, he is the best option for the Cleveland Browns‘ quarterback position. Kizer is not Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson, a quarterback a lot of Cleveland fans wanted.

Kizer has talent but play-makers are also needed to succeed. That said, no one could really take Cleveland to the next level if the required resources are not available.

Yes, it would have been nice to see either Watson or Philadelphia Eagles’ Carson Wentz in Cleveland but they would be in the same boat as Kizer.

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Regardless, their potential and success elsewhere do not mean anything. If either of them were in Cleveland, they would be ripped apart by many, just like Kizer has been.

Kizer is not doing any favors though for media or fans to believe differently. Then again, he is only working with what is available and that says all you need to know about Cleveland’s front office.

According to, Kizer has accumulated 1,555 yards along with five touchdowns and 14 interceptions — all while going 0-9. When your offense’s best option is running back Duke Johnson, it is clear the cupboards are bare.

Some of Kizer’s throws certainly were on him, along with his poor decision-making at times. FoS has expressed the fact that there will be growing pains with the former Notre Dame product on multiple occasions.

Unfortunately, it feels like there are more pains than what was expected.

As the season unfolds, remember that Kizer is not going to turn Cleveland’s offense overnight. Knowing that he has yet to throw to wide receiver Josh Gordon in a game and that he is just 21 years old should provide some hope to fans.

Although the NFL is an immediate results-driven league, Cleveland needs to give Kizer a legitimate chance to succeed.

If the right additions are made on offense, Kizer could have similar success to that of Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott. Prescott went 13-3 as a rookie last year, but he also had a solid wide receiving corp, a great running game led by Ezekiel Elliott, and a very good offensive line.

The hype surrounding Prescott continued to grow. Now that he hasn’t played with members of his line or Elliott for multiple games this season, we have seen what Prescott really is.

He is not a “put it on my back kind of quarterback”. Rather, he’s been more like Kansas City Chiefs’ Alex Smith, a game manager.

Elliott rushed 322 times for 1,631 yards and 15 touchdowns in 2016. In 2017, Elliott has rushed 191 times for 783 yards and seven touchdowns.

A good running game and an elite left tackle (Tyron Smith in Dallas’ case) goes a long way. Without those two, the play that Prescott has delivered in recent weeks was not surprising.

Since Elliott has been out due to his suspension, Prescott has gone 0-3. During that time, Prescott has racked up just 500 yards, zero touchdowns, and five interceptions. Prescott has been a shell of himself.

Why is this all important? Browns head coach Hue Jackson hasn’t helped matters either, but just imagine what Kizer could be with some legitimate help. Every non-Browns quarterback I mentioned has at least solid help on offense.

There are not many quarterbacks that can elevate a whole offense’s talent level. Therefore, it is so vital to have quality talents surrounding Kizer. Prescott’s game has had Kizer-like qualities to it.

If you are hating seeing Kizer playing, I understand but just picture other circumstances. Kizer is certainly not perfect but he should not be pushed to the side just because he hasn’t played like other high-profile quarterbacks.

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Hopefully, Cleveland realizes they need to build the offense significantly and see what Kizer can do with more options available, rather than drafting a QB early.