Cleveland Browns: Would Sam Darnold’s comments be considered good news?

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The Cleveland Browns are in the news again regarding a possible future quarterback, but for once can that be a good thing?

Although crazier things have been done, it is safe to assume the Cleveland Browns will have a top-three pick, and more specifically the first overall pick in April. Many questions remain in terms of how the organization will move forward, but unfortunately, no one will know what the answers are for awhile still.

There are some that believe quarterback DeShone Kizer could at worse be an above average starter in the NFL. To go along with that, such a belief is backed up with the stance that more experience, additional play-makers on offense, and stability overall in the organization are needed.

Others though want to write Kizer off and look for the next quarterback. Popular choices have included UCLA’s Josh Rosen and USC’s Sam Darnold. Coming into the season, Darnold was the favorite to go first overall in April.

I like Rosen and Darnold but enough of the musical chairs. As of right now, let me see more resources added to help Kizer and then go on from there.

Now that the football season is nearly over, speculation has started to peak over draft decisions. When discussing his future with The Orange County Register, Darnold went down the positive route:

"Darnold refuted a story earlier this month that said he would return to USC if the Cleveland Browns had the No. 1 pick.“I didn’t say anything about the Browns,” Darnold said. “I’ve never said anything bad about a team. They know I would never say anything.”"

A few things with his statement. First of all, what else do you expect? Darnold knows that teams will be reaching for quarterbacks and although he has had a disappointing season compared to what was expected, he could easily go in the top three to five picks.

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Secondly, he may not say anything to The OCR or media in general. However, seeing how Cleveland has handled quarterbacks, behind the scenes he may truly feel that way.

In a way, Darnold’s comments were good news but it’s November still and he has yet to declare. Whenever Darnold does though, does not mean he must start looking for a home in NE Ohio immediately.

Lets say Darnold does declare and regardless of where Cleveland ends up drafting, takes him. Okay, fine, but what if he were to pull an Eli Manning? The then San Diego Chargers drafted Manning first overall in 2004.

Prior to the draft and after being drafted, the Ole Miss QB refused to join the team despite his firm stance of not wanting to play for them. Later on, the Chargers then dealt him to the New York Giants in a trade that netted them NC State QB, Phillip Rivers.

Now, Darnold doesn’t have the name recognition that Manning has nor the power to influence a draft like that. Especially since he is not lighting it up on offense, don’t believe Darnold would be able to make such a bold stance if Cleveland drafts him first overall.

People will be trying to read between the red tape up until the draft. I’ll save everyone time now. Assuming Darnold declares, these comments won’t influence if Cleveland drafts him.

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By the end of the first round, Darnold will either be on his way to Cleveland or another bad football team. If he does end up in Cleveland, more help will be needed or else Darnold would be like all the rest of the previous Browns’ QBs.