Cleveland Browns: DeShone Kizer’s struggles continued versus the Chargers

CARSON, CA - DECEMBER 03: DeShone Kizer
CARSON, CA - DECEMBER 03: DeShone Kizer /

The Cleveland Browns’ dreadful season continues to produce the same result with many faults falling on the shoulders of DeShone Kizer.

Following Sunday’s Cleveland Browns‘ game, we got to see how the addition of Josh Gordon would make a difference and if so how much? Also, would his presence make a difference in DeShone Kizer’s play?

Gordon made an impact from the start as he caught his first pass that was intended for him.

At the same time, fans were also able to see whether or not Los Angeles Chargers’ Philip Rivers was able to pick apart Cleveland’s defense. The answer to that was known quickly.

The first quarter was scoreless as it ended with Travis Coons, yes, the former Browns kicker hit the upright on a field goal try for the Chargers.

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Cleveland did excel in the first half as they with 1:49 left in the second. That was thanks to a great catch by Gordon before Kizer connected with David Njoku on a touchdown pass.

Unfortunately, the lead did not stay long as Rivers found ways throughout the game to turn the tables in the Chargers’ favor. Cleveland played man on man coverage often, leaving the running backs open while their linebackers could not stay with them.

Luckily, Cleveland’s defense was not giving up a touchdown on every drive. Instead, Coons kicked his third field goal as it was 9-7 Chargers at the half. The Chargers’ success continued on their first drive in the second half, which led to yet another touchdown, increasing their lead to 16-7.

Kizer missed Gordon on a long sideline pass (not his first miss by far, but in time will change) by throwing it to the sideline. While watching this game, you could see the difference between a good quarterback and what the Browns have on their roster!

With the score 19-7 and 12 minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Browns stalled in the redzone and kicked a field goal. I questioned this call as they were still down two scores.

The Browns really haven’t stopped the Chargers during the second half. Given how often Cleveland loses, does it really make a difference how much they lose by? Also, I know I was not the only one who saw Hue Jackson not doing anything to stop the Chargers’ blitzing. After all, they won’t quit until he does!

Kizer continues to having trouble throwing into tight windows, which is one of many reasons why Cleveland is kicking field goals instead of extra points! He has four games to go after this to show he’s the future of this team.

So far, Kizer’s mistakes have been the same each week. Unfortunately, that means not enough progress has been made. Now that he has Gordon and Coleman back, Kizer needs to take some big steps ASAP.

Speaking of mistakes, Kizer kept holding onto the ball too long. He did just that again when Cleveland was inside the Chargers’ five. He just isn’t learning from his mistakes!

How many redzone turnovers is that for Kizer? The answer is way too many! Cleveland’s coaching is questionable, to say the least.

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If it is not one thing, it is another. Processing information too slow is also a concern. Cleveland could have won this game but because of multiple reasons, they have failed to finish. The nightmare continues as Cleveland is now 0-12 after a 19-10 loss.