Cleveland Browns: Moving on from Sashi Brown was long overdue

Cleveland Browns Hue Jackson, Dee Haslam, Sashi Brown (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Hue Jackson, Dee Haslam, Sashi Brown (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images) /

Another change by the Cleveland Browns, but this time it makes sense.

Analytics have been used by many NFL teams prior to the ways the Cleveland Browns used it under the supervision of Sashi Brown. Other teams have incorporated their own methods to help build their rosters successfully, unlike Cleveland.

While at one time, it was hopeful that Brown could help turn around Cleveland, the writing was on the wall. Cleveland is still rebuilding while franchises across the country sped up their respective rebuilds as they drafted and spent money wisely.

The timing is now over for Brown as Cleveland’s EVP. ESPN‘s Adam Schefter reported that Brown has been fired.

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Now, I am all for trading(soemthing Brown did often). However, by trading down so much, that does not guarantee success. The only thing that ends up as a result is added draft picks.

At the end of the day, it all came down to wins and losses. Due to their 1-27 record over the last two seasons, inconsistent drafting and free agent signings, along with the inability to properly evaluate talent will lead to such a record.

Had Cleveland won a couple of games by now, maybe people would feel differently. Perhaps Brown would still have a job. Since that did not happen though, this decision was a must. In fact, it should have made prior to the trade deadline.

All that said, this is Jimmy and Dee Haslam’s faults. Who really thought that a lawyer with no football operations background would be the answer? Obviously just them. Speaking of the Haslams, Jimmy made a statement following the firing.

Haslam discussed about the Browns being a regular winner and how head coach Hue Jackson will remain in his current role. Say what you want about Jackson, but without enough talent, the pieces to the puzzle cannot be completed.

A more concrete hierarchy needs to created and that starts with a president. From there, a general manager can be hired. Whether that actually happens though remains to be seen.

Brown did an average job but when he and Paul DePodesta are in charge, it is not surprising to see Cleveland still struggling the way they are. That goes beyond the quarterback position, which has been handled wrong from his first day on the job.

However the front office is rearranged, the individual(s) hired will need to either be on the same page as Jackson or require him to hire an offensive coordinator. I cannot stress this enough: Just because Brown is gone now, does not mean a quarterback must go first overall. See who gets hired and understand the plan first.

Some may want Andrew Berry or Ryan Grigson in charge. Okay, but if you want to see Cleveland win, neither are the answers. Grigson traded a first rounder for Trent Richardson, which says all you need to know about his track record.

Meanwhile, Berry has never run a draft and the Browns need someone that is successful drafting and signing players. For another team maybe he’d be worth a look but not for Cleveland.

At least Cleveland made a move. Although it took some time, it happened. While there are still questions that need to be answered, I am expecting at least one other move to be made prior to the end of the season.

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The extent of which probably won’t be too big but that’s beside the point. Once the Haslams decide who they will move forward within the front office, then it would be appropriate to figure what’s the best way to build the roster.