Cleveland Browns gave a gift to the Packers in the form of a win

CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 10: Davante Adams
CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 10: Davante Adams /

Optimism started for the Cleveland Browns but not before too long, disappointment sunk in.

The John Dorsey era has begun and in terms of games, it has not gotten off to a good start. The Cleveland Browns‘ defense looked like the struggling Browns offense as they gave up a touchdown on the first drive.

Cleveland’s defense let the Green Bay Packers score after allowing to advance twice on fourth down.  It wasn’t long though before the Browns’ offense came to life.

Josh Gordon showed why he is the best option early on as he reeled in two long passes including a fine touchdown catch. Gordon finished with three receptions for 69 yards and a touchdown. That score was his first since 2013.

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Here’s a strong suggestion to Jimmy Haslam: Before Gordon becomes a restricted free agent, pay him. Outside of Joe Thomas, Gordon is the best player on the roster.

Unfortunately, despite Gordon’s plays, that did not inspire Cleveland’s defense as they committed more stupid mistakes. The Browns cannot win games making those types of penalties!

Yes, Cleveland played better initially and did lead in the second quarter. However, their offense started to show more signs of how they played in Detroit as the game progressed. At halftime, the Browns led14-7.

Cleveland’s defense tightened up on fourth and goal to stop the Packers before driving down the field where DeShone Kizer found Corey Coleman for Cleveland’s third touchdown. Being up 14 points at the time was Cleveland’s biggest lead of the season.

The Browns have had issues finishing games in the fourth quarter all season. By now, every Cleveland fan was hoping that wouldn’t be the case. Well, that hope went out the window fast.

Cleveland provided little defensive resistance as the Packers fought to get into the game. On top of that, Hue Jackson’s play-calling needs to be more of a concern for Dorsey. Being up 14 points and playing their game should lead to a win.

Well, for Cleveland, that is not always so easy. Jackson’s questionable play calls continued on third and two, causing the Browns to punt. By the time Cleveland had to go back on defense, their scheme shifted, which was especially noticeable in the fourth quarter.

Too many of their defensive backs were playing too far off their men. Meanwhile, the Packers dinked and dunked their way down the field. Now, there are months until the draft, but Cleveland better consider drafting some corners as theirs don’t know know how to cover. The need could increase if Gregg Williams is still on the coaching staff next season.

As the weeks progress, the loss of Joe Haden is seen more and more. I have never seen such a lack of tackling skills in one game!

To make matters worse and decrease their chances to win, Cleveland’s  bad punt coverage and some really sad tackling led the game to slip out of their hands!

In an ideal world, things would turn around come the overtime. Like the rest of the season, that did not work out as Jackson’s bad play-calling continued on the offense. Cleveland had a chance to make a play too, but a panic move by Kizer resulting in an interception ended up costing the Browns again!

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More of Kizer’s weaknesses were shown despite starting playing a pretty solid game through three quarters. It’s been one step forward and two steps back for Kizer.