Cleveland Browns: Week 15 Q & A with The Baltimore Wire

BALTIMORE, MD - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback DeShone Kizer
BALTIMORE, MD - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback DeShone Kizer /

The second game between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns is upon us. Prior to the game, we discussed the showdown with The Baltimore Wire.

Another week’s slate of games is here and as teams position themselves for playoff seeding, the Cleveland Browns are simply looking for just a win.

Hopefully, the Browns can give their fans something to be happy about this weekend — upset win over the Baltimore Ravens anyone? That would be nice but Cleveland certainly has their work cut out for them.

For more on Sunday’s game, The Baltimore Wire‘s Site Expert Ben Palmer provided his thoughts on the Ravens and the Browns. What did he have to say?

FoS: The Browns have done well stopping the run this season. Any concerns about Cleveland continuing to do that this weekend?

TBW: Certainly there’s concern that the Browns will be able to stop the Ravens’ run game, but I think Alex Collins has proven himself to be a talented enough runner that he should be able to do relatively well.

I also expect the Ravens to be able to pass the ball well in this game, which should open up the run game a bit.

FoS: Is Alex Collins going to be a name Browns fans will need to remember for years to come?

TBW: I think Alex Collins definitely could be a name Browns fans will become very familiar with, but that would depend on the Ravens keeping him around.

I like him a lot. I think he’s an incredibly talented runner and reminds me a lot of early-Marshawn Lynch, but Collins is only on a one year deal. If he keeps performing like he has been, he’s going to want a nice contract. The Ravens might give that to him, I hope they do, but we’ll see.

FoS: With Jimmy Smith out for the season, how big of a day do you envision Josh Gordon having?

TBW: I imagine Gordon will have a solid day. Typically I would’ve expected Jimmy Smith to shadow Gordon, but with Smith out last week, it seemed that the Ravens had both Marlon Humphrey and Brandon Carr shadowing Antonio Brown, and I would expect some of that this week.

Carr and Humphrey are talented, but not nearly as talented as Smith, and I think Gordon could beat them on some plays. Luckily for us though, our safeties are great, and I could easily see Eric Weddle picking DeShone Kizer off on an errant throw.

FoS: How much discussion has there been in Baltimore about the Ravens possibly giving up the Browns’ first win of the season?

TBW: I’ll be honest, I don’t really think anyone is expecting the Ravens to lose, especially given the offensive hot streak they’ve been on. Yes, they lost to the Steelers last week, but the Steelers have been great this year and the Ravens still scored 38 points. I would expect them to do pretty well against the Browns this week.

FoS: Is there any way the Ravens are overlooking the Browns this week?

TBW: I mean, it’s certainly possible the Ravens could overlook the Browns, but I don’t expect them to, especially after the performance the Browns put up last week.

I would imagine the Ravens feel somewhat confident, but they know that the Browns have the ability to make this game close, so I don’t think they’ll get over-confident.

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We would like to thank Ben for taking the time out and providing his thoughts on this weekend’s game. Hopefully this week’s game is more entertaining than their last meeting!