LeBron James: Of course the Cavs’ star could land with the Golden State Warriors

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We have seen F LeBron James leave the Cleveland Cavaliers before and because of that, don’t dismiss the possibility of that happening again.

LeBron James has achieved a lot in the NBA and specifically as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. While the organization and the fans are appreciative of his contributions, one does not simply forget that he felt it was in his best interest to leave Cleveland in the past.

James signed to play for and win championships as a member of the Miami Heat starting in 2010. While James did return to Cleveland and led them to their first ever championship in 2015-16, don’t you feel he could remove himself from the team again?

Cases can be made for both sides of the coin but if he were to leave for another team this offseason, don’t dismiss any contending team just yet.

ESPN’s Chris Haynes reported that James could meet with Cavaliers rival Golden State Warriors.

"If the Golden State Warriors can create a max salary slot this offseason, the defending NBA champions could position themselves to secure a meeting with LeBron James, league sources told ESPN. There is no indication that Golden State is evaluating such options to acquire the Cleveland Cavaliers star at this time."

Technically any team could meet with James if they create the necessary cap space. However, look at the last sentence above. If there is no indication that the Warriors are looking to create the space to meet him, why mention it?

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It is simply because it is a possibility. Who knows, maybe the Houston Rockets among others also position themselves at a run for James. Hopefully not, but given the talent James is, there will be plenty of potential competition.

Haynes also mentioned in order to acquire James, the Warriors could offer SG Klay Thompson and SF Andre Iguodala in a sign and trade.

With this situation possibly coming up in the future, would you be okay seeing James leave Cleveland as he chases another ring even if it is with the Warriors?

I to some degree would have liked to have seen the Cavaliers win their championship without James since he left. By possibly leaving again, especially to a team like Golden State, James wouldn’t believe in the Cavaliers thus leading them back to the lottery. He would simply be a ring chaser rather than pursuing another legit run to the finals in Cleveland.

After all, the roster is the way it is in large part because of James and his influence and ties. Understandably some may not agree, but without him, PF/C Tristan Thompson (and others) wouldn’t be making the money they are.

Let’s say James were to leave. Cleveland would be left with PF Kevin Love, the Brooklyn Nets’ pick, and maybe PG Isaiah Thomas. Well, we all know how Love and Thomas have played so far this season with each other. Even if James were to return, Thomas needs to be replaced.

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It all starts with James. He is going to be the domino the NBA will wait on. While any team could sign him this offseason, the reality is only a select few really could have a chance.