LeBron James made history in more ways than one in the all-star game


The NBA would not be where it is without LeBron James thanks to the impact he brings on a nightly basis, which was also seen throughout all-star weekend.

Bigger things are on the horizon for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the meantime, James did his part in helping the NBA put on a 2018 NBA All-Star game that was better than recent seasons.

The 2018 game was the first of its kind where the two top vote-getters picked their own teams. While it wasn’t an ideal game for some, it certainly has potential but there is work to do.

Outside of the last play of the game (led by James), no one could truly say it was a defensive game. I mean just look at the final: 148-145. At least it wasn’t like either team came close to 200 points this time.

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Although this important tidbit isn’t points or rebounds related, James was one of the two leading vote-getters joining Golden State’s Stephen Curry thus the team names: Team LeBron vs Team Stephen.

For the first time in history two players had their names as the team names during an all-star game. James’ and Curry’s names forever will be linked in NBA history for all they have achieved in the past and in the future, but this accomplishment also cannot and will not be ignored or forgotten about.

The Houston Rockets’ coaching staff coached Team Stephen while the Toronto Raptors’ coaching staff coached Team LeBron.

This won’t be the last time James is in charge of an all-star team. The influence he has too as one of the top players in the league also helps, which is why this time next year, the all-star draft should be held live.

During the pregame, James voiced his thoughts on the matter to TNT’s Kristen Ledlow.

It only makes sense for the MVP award to go to the winning team, which was Team LeBron. The NBA could have gone with Boston Celtics’ Kyrie Irving or Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook, both of whom nearly accumulated a triple-double.

Instead (and rightfully so), they chose James, who finished 29 points, 10 rebounds, and eight assists. Having earned that MVP, he moved into a tie for second all-time for all-star MVPs with three joining Oscar Robertson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Michael Jordan.

When next season’s all-star game gets here, changes will be made but exactly how is to be determined. Perhaps an incentive of some kind for the winning team or a change in the format may be seen. Regardless, we all know not much defense will be displayed.

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James’ resume continues to increase while simultaneously making history. Whether it is something smaller like being a team captain of an all-star game or something bigger in the form of adding another all-star MVP award to his collection, he continues to amaze NBA fans.