Cleveland Browns: Why Josh Allen going first shouldn’t be dismissed

LINCOLN, NE - SEPTEMBER 10: Quarterback Josh Allen
LINCOLN, NE - SEPTEMBER 10: Quarterback Josh Allen /

Plenty of speculation will continue with what the Cleveland Browns will do with their quarterback position. With that in mind, there is one quarterback that shouldn’t be crossed off just yet.

The Cleveland Browns need their long-term quarterback and maybe they will achieve that goal this offseason. Meanwhile, it is the season of overanalyzing players prior to the combine and nitpicking.

One player who arguably has been discussed more than anyone else (for better and for worst) is Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen. While there are plenty of reasons not to like Allen, just like every other quarterback in this class, there is also plenty to like about him.

One reason I am focusing on for this piece is his big arm. No, I am not referring to the throw Allen did while kneeling.

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Instead, I am tying together history and what Browns’ general manager John Dorsey has been involved in. Dorsey was a scout with the Green Bay Packers when they acquired quarterback, Brett Favre.

He also traded up to draft quarterback Patrick Mahomes as Kansas City Chiefs’ general manager last offseason.

Both are gunslingers and both have skill sets that are similar to Allen’s. Then again with poor resources surrounding him, Allen had to improvise and make plays on the go via rollouts, etc regularly.

Although Dorsey was not the one who traded for Favre, his input being taken in as needed was justified having worked in their front office. When Dorsey sees a quarterback he likes he will do what it takes to acquire him.

That is why Allen, who has some characteristics and size similar to that of Philadelphia Eagles’ Carson Wentz could be in play at one.

Each year fans, analysts, etc., have proven wrong with their projections. Allen could prove doubters wrong this fall. That said, every quarterback in this class has its pros and cons but what if Allen is Dorsey’s preference?

He could choose him first and go with the best player available at four. I don’t share that belief as I’d go with USC’s Sam Darnold first right now. On the other hand, if Allen is the preference, Cleveland could wait until four to take him. I doubt that Allen is seriously being considered as an option for Cleveland right now, but things could change quickly.

In this case, numbers don’t lie and being that Allen’s college career is similar to that of former Baltimore Ravens QB Kyle Boller (among other first-round busts), that can’t be ignored.

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While it is still early in the process, no one envisioned Wentz to go in the top two to the Eagles initially. Watch how Allen does during the combine. He may just end up being one of the Browns’ first-round draft picks.