LeBron James rumors of his next team are the ultimate in Fake News

BOSTON, MA - FEBRUARY 11: Lebron James
BOSTON, MA - FEBRUARY 11: Lebron James /

If you happen to hear anything about where LeBron James may or may not play next season, you’re consuming some the fakes news on the market.

Where’s LeBron James playing next year again?

One week it was LA. Another, Houston. The 76ers came to northeast Ohio last week and billboards sprang up, along with rumors of LBJ playing alongside Ben Simmons in Philadelphia next season.

Now, with the Cavs are on a west coast swing, more billboards have popped up in LA recruiting James to the Lakers.

Throw in The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor article on the possible end of the Spurs dynasty, which just so happens to drop a bomb naming the only four places James will play next season to be LA, Houston, Philly and Cleveland, and you have mass hysteria once again.

Twitter blows up. ESPN’s radio guys take to the airwaves to discuss.  SportsCenter gives it Kenny Assassination type coverage. Countless blogs weigh in. Rinse. Repeat.

Just let me get it straight. Everytime a billboard goes up LeBron is out of here? It’s the fakest of fake news.

Rumors are great, especially for a writer who runs a site just like this one. But even I can’t take it anymore.

What O’Connor wrote can’t be proved, and I’m not trying to call his reporting into question. His sources are likely reliable and gave him the information. However, we won’t know if he’s right for another four months and I’ll long have forgotten O’Connor’s story.

The best part of the NBA is the unpredictably of the offseason. Who knows how much the landscape will change. Did you really think Kyrie Irving would be playing for the Boston Celtics, and Paul George for the Thunder at this time last year?

I’m not the only one who could two rips about “news” about where James might play next season.

An accomplished sports journalist such as Brian Windhorst, who works for the four-letter mothership seems annoyed, as well, via TheLandonDemand.com (subscription).

"“I feel very very very confident about the two things I’m going to say: The first thing is, no decision has been made, and he’s not even considering it. There’s a story out today that he’s considering four teams. Absolute bogus horse bleep. because what happens, if on June 27, a team trades for two all-stars that’s not on that list?”"

Windy continued:

"“There’s just way too much out there for anyone to make any kind of prognostication. I don’t care what sources they allegedly have. For anyone to say anything about LeBron’s future right now, it just guessing….Nothing has been decided. Zero, zip.”"

Windhorst nailed it, which is why you didn’t see me breakdown the “news” from O’Connor’s story.

Windy further addressed James’ pending free agency by stating LeBron will do what makes him happy, and that the Cavs have the homecourt advantage in that department.

Perhaps James leaves, because, as Windhorst pointed out, LeBron believes he’s square with the city of Cleveland for winning the town its first major sports championship since 1964.

At the same time, Windhorst argues, if staying in Cleveland offers more happiness than anywhere else, then LeBron will continue to play at The Q.

"“The Cavs have homecourt advantage here, in that the other teams are going to have to woo him away. It’s not an apples to apples comparison. I think if everything was equal, LeBron wants to stay in Cleveland, he’s made that very clear, I think the problem you get into is if everything is not equal. Right now I look at the Cavs roster, and I look at Philly, and we can get into a debate about what’s going on there. Depends on what you think of Markelle Fultz…Ben Simmons…then you have the fact that Philadelphia is not home. It’s an argument. I don’t know if its a compelling enough argument.”"

It shouldn’t be a surprise if James departs Cleveland via free agency, because after all, he did the win the title, and he’s left before.

Although, it won’t be a shocker to see him stay, either.

Don’t gloss over Windhorst’s comment about LeBron’s happiness. The guy’s a mega-millionaire and one of the most recognized name in sports across the globe. He’s got championships and MVPs.

When you’ve got everything, sometimes it’s the little things you can’t put a price on.

LeBron James Jr. is two years away from potentially enrolling in St. Vincent-St. Marry.

You’re telling me LeBron wouldn’t love to watch his kid ball at the same school he made famous.

James has made it clear throughout his career that being a role model for his kids is one of his top priorities, and he’s made it a point to attend his kids’ middle school and AAU games.

Heckuva lot easier to attend a high school game in Akron, when you live in Akron.

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But there’s no billboard telling me that, so it can’t be true.