Cleveland Browns: AJ McCarron the next QB name to haunt the Browns


Thinking about how A.J. McCarron could be the newest name to haunt the Cleveland Browns fan base following the trade for Tyrod Taylor.

Trading for Tyrod Taylor almost certainly won’t be the biggest quarterback acquisition the Cleveland Browns make this season.

A.J. McCarron‘s name was often connected to Cleveland, especially after the former Bengals backup was declared a free-agent last March.

The future of the franchise resides in an unknown player right now, but as for 2018, fans will be wondering “What if” when they hear McCarron’s name.

I know I will be, which is why I’m thinking about the Cleveland Browns decision to sign Taylor over McCarron.

You know why the Browns traded for Tyrod, instead of signing McCarron, right?

I get it. It’s not hard. The Browns’ quarterback room had a grand total of zero win in at the end of the season. With Taylor, Cleveland’s getting someone with a 22-20 career mark who’s been to a Pro Bowl and led a team to the playoffs.

Browns are better, what’s the problem?

We know what Tyrod Taylor is. He’s a quarterback who doesn’t turn the ball over and is probably good for six or seven wins.

Playing it safe?

Pardon my curbed enthusiasm. My ticket money isn’t exactly in a big hurry to jump into the Browns the bank account.

He’s a bridge!

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to try and win.

What makes you think McCarron is the better option?

McCarron’s sample size is so small, there’s no telling how he’ll turn out. He’s started just three games, all during the 2015 season.

That’s not really an answer

Look, Taylor’s on a one year deal. He’ll earn $16 million with the Browns. McCarron signed a two-year contract with the Bengals. After all the bonuses are added up, he’ll make about $5 million this season. Buffalo can easily walk away from him at the end of the season.

…Still waiting…

If McCarron balls out in Buffalo, I’ll be crushed.

He’ll be another name on the list of quarterbacks the Browns could’ve had, but went in another direction.

There’s no case to be made him since his his sample size is so small.

But there is this: McCarron won two national championships in college playing for the best program in the country. He’s now had four years to develop and soak up in the NFL in a backup role.

It wouldn’t have been crazy to sign him as your bridge quarterback. He certainly possesses more upside than Taylor.

If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t matter. I hate to break the news on this one, but the Browns are not winning the Super Bowl this season.

This year’s No.1 pick will be ready to go in 2019 and the whole experiment is forgotten.

What’s the worst-case scenario here?

As a Browns fan, you can almost see how this works out.

The Bills are expected to trade up into the top part of the draft. If McCarron plays well, and the Bills have, oh I don’t know, Josh Allen waiting in the wings, look out.  Buffalo all of a sudden has two valuable quarterback assets next offseason.

Dorsey’s trump card to all of this is the quarterback he’ll pick with the No. 1 pick in the draft. If he finds a franchise quarterback, then none of this matters.

But if he misses, and Buffalo some how turns things around behind the next-big-thing in A.J. McCarron, well, the Factory of Sadness will be here for you.