Cleveland Browns: There is not a bad choice to choose from with the fourth pick

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

With what the Cleveland Browns are likely to have available with the fourth pick, they cannot go wrong.

Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey is in pursuit of an answer at quarterback. Owning the first pick is the most logical and wise spot to hopefully solidify that position.

However, when it comes to the fourth pick, there are many routes Cleveland could go with.

For the sake of discussion, Cleveland goes quarterback first and has dwindled down their options to five for the fourth pick. In addition, at least one other signal-caller is drafted before Cleveland is on the clock again.

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That leaves the Browns with Penn State running back Saquon Barkley, NC State defensive end Bradley Chubb, Ohio State cornerback Denzel Ward, Iowa cornerback Josh Jackson, and trading down.

There is a lot to like with Barkley. However, selecting running backs in the first is not Dorsey’s style. Not to mention the number of stats that show his production wasn’t as consistent as one may believe.

On the other hand, if his board’s grade views Barkley as clearly the best option there, then the pick could very well be him. Should Barkley’s grade be closer to other running backs, then the preference likely leads to another RB being selected later on.

Chubb or Barkley could very well be off the board when Cleveland drafts again if the New York Giants select one of them at two. Thus, making Cleveland’s decision easier. If Chubb is there, just imagine what he, Myles Garrett, and Emmanuel Ogbah could do to Cleveland’s pass rush!

Garrett and Chubb will become the latest dynamic bookend pass rushers for years if Chubb is the pick. There is already quite a bit of talent in the front seven. If opposing offensive lines didn’t like facing Cleveland before, they will now.

Once again, however, it all goes back to the board and grades.

Maybe knowing there is not a CB1 on the roster and the board value and grades, Dorsey goes with a Ward or Jackson to complete their rebuild of the secondary.

Regardless if it is Jackson’s football skills or Ward’s quickness that stands out the most for Dorsey and company, Cleveland gets their next shutdown CB.

Depending on how quarterbacks are drafted, Cleveland’s fourth pick could be in play. Trading down is the last thing I’d like to see but it may still happen. Should we see that, trading down ideally in the top-10 still or at worst to the Buffalo Bills at 12, one or both of the corners should be there.

If the plan ultimately ends up being to stay as-is, drafting a Ward or Jackson at four shouldn’t be dismissed. Yes, it a little high (mainly for Jackson) but if the criteria lead them to a CB, then hopefully that player has a similar impact to what former Browns CB Joe Haden provided.

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Cleveland gets their quarterback and a top talent. Thus, leading to the Browns being a winner after day one.