Cleveland Browns: No Thanksgiving game but a very exciting schedule nonetheless

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The 2018 Cleveland Browns schedule is here but what is there to be excited about?

There is still plenty of time before the Cleveland Browns are playing games again.

Plenty of things will still change before that time comes but at least we know exactly when Cleveland takes on their 2018 opponents.

I know it is not expected but I just wish Cleveland would be given a Thanksgiving game. The streak of seasons without one to no surprise is going to continue. Looking at the schedule as a whole, there are a number of exciting, intriguing games this fall.

Divisional games are always special but it is even more appealing to watch when there’s a chip on one’s shoulder. Speaking of which, offensive coordinator Todd Haley gets his rematch against the Pittsburgh Steelers from the get-go.

In Week 3, the Browns players take on former teammates Isaiah Crowell and Terrelle Pryor, who are both new members of the New York Jets. Will there be any regrets on Cleveland’s end or will they be praised following the game? It all depends on how those two former Browns play. Not only that but Cleveland is on in prime time on Thursday Night Football! By playing on TNF though, be prepared for those brown color rush uniforms.

Jon Gruden is not the coach of the Browns but he is back coaching again, as he rejoined the Oakland Raiders. His Raiders play host to the Browns in Week 4. Gruden wants to take Oakland back to how they played when he was their coach before he went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I may be in the minority but I am looking forward to how Gruden coaches again. I mean you can’t beat his personality and coaching style. Both of which are popular discussion pieces.

In Week 9, Cleveland takes on the Kansas City Chiefs. In a matter of days, the Browns will add their rookie quarterback while starting Tyrod Taylor teaches him how to be a pro from his actions.

On the other side will be Patrick Mahomes. The former Texas Tech product showed plenty of potential last season. No looking back at what could be now. Hopefully, though Cleveland’s rookie is continuing to be inactive or just holding a clipboard at that point.

One prime time game was already more than one could probably have asked for but the NFL did more than just that for Cleveland. The NFL also has the Browns playing in a Saturday night game versus the Denver Broncos in Week 15.

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If all goes to plan, Cleveland’s rookie is not seeing any playing time. Should he have to, then the 2018 season could be in dysfunction fast. As the offseason continues and the draft wraps up, more storylines and topics will come up to keep an eye on.