LeBron James rumors: LeBron Jr. committed to LA high school

LAS VEGAS, NV - AUGUST 12: (L-R) LeBron James
LAS VEGAS, NV - AUGUST 12: (L-R) LeBron James /

In LeBron James rumors, Gary Payton said LeBron James Jr. committed to play high school basketball in LA.

In this edition of former athletes chiming in with information as to where LeBron James Jr. will play high school, ball, Gary Payton outdid Josh Cribbs by stating LeBron James’ oldest son will play his roundball at a school in LA.

James Jr. will not be a high school for another year, but with so much focus being paid attention to James’ family and their input on where the four-time MVP will play next season, you can’t help but pay attention to Payton’s words.

It’s been written many a time around The Factory that James might be more inclined to stay with the Cavaliers should his son be balling at St. V’s.

Payton told Black Sports Online:

"“Anything could happen. People don’t look at everything. (LeBron James’) son just committed to Sierra Canyon which is in the valley of LA. That’s where his son is going to go to school [with] Scottie Pippen’s son and Kenyon Martin’s son.So, that’s a move that they’re going to make … if everybody looks at it with a son at that age, you don’t want to be away from him during that period of time. During the time that we’re having, basketball is school time. I think that (Bronny) needs a father during that time and that’s it. I don’t think LeBron is that type of parent, I think he wants to be around his son a lot and see his son play a lot.”"

Not sure if Gary Payton has any actual connections to the school, or if he just has friends who son’s are going there.

It certainly is quite the collection of famous fathers.

Rumors have circulated in the past that LeBron and his wife Savannah, had scouted houses out west. The couple reportedly owns a house in the Los Angeles area.

On one hand, I’ve had the opinion James would want his son to play at St. V’s, but perhaps he’d like him to have a shot to be his own man at such an important stage of his life.

Being around kids who’ve had the same upbringing may be appealing to the James family.

Around Cavs’ land, Dan Gilbert made talked about putting together a championship team sans LeBron.

The Cavs were historically bad after James left for Miami, and Gilbert struggled to field a competitive team.

You can’t blame him for what transpired in the two seasons following LeBron’s departure…but the year before LeBron returned–the 2013-2014 season–was one to forget.

That Cavs’ squad was supposed to contend for a playoff spot behind a young superstar named Kyrie Irving and head coach Mike Brown. That team went 33-49 and lucked into the first pick in the draft.

Can Gilbert build a winner?

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Based of Payton’s words, he may no other choice but to do it with James.