LeBron James: 8 offseason moves Cavs must consider if LeBron leaves

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 25: LeBron James
NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 25: LeBron James /
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3. Get Michael Porter

If the medicals look good (back), Michael Porter would be my choice for the Cavaliers.

Cleveland’s worked Porter out, as have other teams, and his stock only seems to be rising prior to the draft, indicating teams may not be worried about his back as they were three months ago.

Porter, who attended Mizzou, missed most of the regular season, but returned for the NCAA tournament. He was projected to be the No. 1 pick when the season started.

Porter’s 6-foot-11 and could start in the NBA tomorrow. He can take opponents off the dribble, knock down an outside shot, or even get into the post.

The biggest thing about Porter that should catch Cavs’ fans eyes is ability to score the ball. He can do it a number of ways and is decent enough from beyond the arc.

Considering his skillset, Porter’s shot reminds me a lot of Kevin Durant. Who stops that jumpsuit from the perimeter? No one.

To move on from LeBron, the Cavs need someone to count to get buckets, and Porter certainly fits the mold.

Plus, he has superstar potential and is someone the fans can rally around in promises to be some bumps and bruises for the franchise along the way back to the playoffs.