LeBron James holds Cleveland Cavaliers, fans hostage again

Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

The Voice of the Fan weighs in on LeBron James holding the Cleveland Cavaliers and its fans hostage yet again.

This is one of the dull times for northeast Ohio sports fans when it comes to action in-between the lines. The Cavs are contemplating their future and the Browns have ended summer break while the disappointing Indians still sit atop the AL Central standings.

About those Cavs and LeBron James

The Cavs are between a rock and a hard place with LeBron and the situation he’s put them in. Is he coming back or are we in yet another rebuild? I think we all remember how that went before.

We’ve entered draft week and as James holds Cleveland fans hostage we set hit here wondering whether Cleveland will trade the pick or use the selection to head in a new direction.

Even if LeBron leaves, this team will still be about a $1 million over the salary cap. What about those large salaries they owe Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, Kyle Korver and George Hill?

Speaking of James, as he makes us wait for Decision 3.0, I can’t help but think of how many championships he cost himself by refusing to commit long-term to the organization. His way of approaching free agency greatly benefits LeBron, but it doesn’t do much for team building.

Look at what the Cavs had to do to reshape the roster at midseason. It was all an effort to make a run at another title in appeasement of James.

One thing’s for sure: Dan Gilbert’s not getting burnt twice. He got that Brooklyn pick and he may use it.

Just imagine if James had committed to Cleveland last summer. Kyrie Irving may have brought back a bonafide star in return, rather than a draft pick.

James gets major credit for taking patched together rosters to the finals, and rightfully so, but a lot of it’s because of his own desire to play and win the free agency game.

I digress. Elsewhere on the roster sits Jordan Clarkson and Rodney Hood. They’re just guys, so who knows? I think we all agree that Larry Nance Jr. is a keeper! They’ve reportedly told the Revere High School product they view him as a foundational piece.

About those Indians

As the Cavs and Browns sit dormant, the Indians are playing, if you could call it that.

The Tribe is in first place but only because the division is the weakest in both leagues! They are barely over .500 and can’t beat the Twins.

The team is looking at all the DFA’s from other teams, especially in the bullpen. It’s has been nothing but catastrophic since the beginning of the season.

Getting Andrew Miller back healthy would really be a big boost, but they still need another good sixth or seventh inning guy! That won’t come off the burn pile of another team.

They’ll have to do it through the trade route by the deadline.

About those Browns

The Browns are finishing OTAs and they are trying to pump the fans up for the season ahead. Got to love mini-camp season. Everyone’s optimistic and acts as if they’re coming off a Super Bowl victory.

There are reasons for optimism, because this isn’t the team that went 0-16, and it starts with the quarterback. Tyrod Taylor‘s experienced and has already lead a downtrodden franchise to the playoffs. Playoffs, playoffs–did I say playoffs?

Let’s start with a win, first.

The truth is Cleveland should be better than the last few years and an exciting team to watch.

Baker Mayfield is a polarizing player and has the kind of gruff confidence this franchise needs.

The Browns have improved on both sides of the ball. How much remains to be seen but I know the fans feel better with John Dorsey pulling on the reins.

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The northeast Ohio sports fans have an interesting few months ahead. We’ll know more on the Cavs after Thursday’s draft and the Tribe by the trading deadline. The Browns will tell on the field. What’s your opinion on this? Do the Cavs trade the pick or start the rebuild with youth? Who do the Indians have to trade for relief help? Will the Browns be .500 or better?