Tweets suggest LeBron James to sign with Los Angeles Lakers

DETROIT, MI - JANUARY 30: LeBron James
DETROIT, MI - JANUARY 30: LeBron James /

Looking for a good LeBron James rumor? A tweet from one of James’ “friends” suggests he’s headed to the Los Angles Lakers.

We’re all so desperate for some LeBron James rumors, and we’ve finally got some, courtesy of James’ friend via social media.

@CuffsTheLegend was tweeting some posts hinting at LeBron to the Lakers, as curated by @ByCycle‘s Thomas Duffy.

The left side of the picture have the recent tweets, while the right side has tweet James sent to @CuffstheLegend back in 2016.

This same guy posted a picture of LeBron’s Cavs’ jersey the day before James dropped his later declaring he was coming home.

There’s also a rumor that’s been floating around speculating James will announce his next decision via his  Uninterrupted platform and that if he chooses this route, James could tie in Decision 3.0.

BasetballSocietyOnline scribe Brandon Robinson wrote the trailer could be a part of the newly released Instagram TV–a platform that allows users to make longer videos.

Robinson speculates James’ reveal would be a part of the film’s trailer.

OK, take a breath. Yes, this is crazy. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said as recently as yesterday on ESPN Cleveland WKNR 850 AM that there are about four people on the planet who know what James is going to do this offseason, and they aren’t revealing much of anything.

One of those people would likely be his wife, while another is probably agent and friend Rich Paul.

I’m sure @CuffstheLegend is a great guy. But does he REALLY know James’ plans?

Windy also addressed the Space Jam rumors by stating producers have been trying to get James to make the move the “six years.” I think what Windy was saying is that James will make the movie  if and when he wants to. Warner Bros. announced in 2016 that the movie, made famous by Michael Jordan in the 1990s, would finally have a sequel.

While Cavs GM Koby Altman talked about the organization while making James seem like a part of the past, the team is still trying to be active on the trade/free agency market to keep James on the north shore.

A detailed story from the holy trinity of ESPN roundball scribes (Woj, Windy and Romana Shelburne) assessed where each team is at when it comes to figuring out how the dominos will fall with Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Chris Paul and LeBron.

ESPN alleges the Cavs are trying to free up cap space in an effort to get in on Paul or George, but the article is very clear in making the point that LeBron has nothing to do with the Cavs’ free agency plans.

The takeaway: Forget @CuffsTheLegend and whatever else your reading and go with what Windhorst says on this one. The guy was hired by the four-letter network to be LeBron’s shadow. If somethings up, Windy knows, and he admitted he had no idea.

If you’re really trying to put the puzzle pieces together, look no further than what the Cavs told you at Collin Sexton‘s introductory press conference when Altman talked about being in the “Player development business.”

The Golden State Warriors sure don’t talk about player development. They win titles.

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Shelburne indicated the Cavs are “hoping” LeBron stays, which is great, but it’s hardly a strategy. But sadly, its Cleveland’s only chance of keeping the greatest player in team history.