Cleveland Browns: 5 bold predictions for the 2018 season

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When are we going to see Baker Mayfield as QB1?

Plenty of people, myself included, would like to see first overall pick Baker Mayfield not only play this season but also start. Up through now Cleveland has not been willing to consider that possibility given that they have a solid veteran in Tyrod Taylor on the roster and don’t want to force Mayfield in meaningful games too early.

Well, as seen in the preseason, all be it against second teams, Mayfield has more than handled his responsibilities. If Dorsey was not part of the Browns organization, I would fully expect their plan of Mayfield just sitting all season to be thrown out the window as soon as possible.

Since that is not the case and Mayfield is a Brown because of Dorsey, regardless of what Jackson may want or think in the coming months, Mayfield is not going to start at all this season. Former quarterbacks Dorsey have been affiliated with in some way, not necessarily directly include Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes.

Both sat their rookie campaigns with the exception of Mahomes in the last game of the season in 2017 for the Kansas City Chiefs. That same approach will be seen in Cleveland later this fall. While that is disappointing, at least Mayfield will be that much more prepared when he is given the keys to the team in 2019.