Cleveland Browns: Jarvis Landry had a different stance when traded

Cleveland Browns Jarvis Landry (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Jarvis Landry (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images) /

When the Cleveland Browns made the deal for Jarvis Landry, the talented wideout had an initial interesting point of view.

Now that Jarvis Landry is part of the Cleveland Browns, big things are expected out of him. Both on the field in terms of production and on and off the field as a leader. While Landry is going to be relied on heavily, a change of perception was needed to help his new circumstances.

In an ESPN article by Elizabeth Merrill, Landry discussed all that went into the process of going from the Miami Dolphins to Cleveland. As the piece progressed, a few notable points were made that are important as to why we now see Landry in Browns gear.

The first is the similarities between him and former coach Adam Gase. Landry said, “They’re too much alike”. The second is that Gase could not rely on Landry. Landry said, “He wanted me to trust him, but he really didn’t want to trust me.”

Then there is this:

"“There was a joke, Landry says, that Gase used to tell his players. If a guy got in his doghouse, he’d tell the player to straighten up or he’d ship him to Cleveland. The joke, according to Landry, is in reference to the infamous Jamie Collins trade”."

While that says a lot, the last point says it all:

Landry said via ESPN that “I just felt like, for some reason, Adam (Gase) sent me here to die”.

That joke turned into reality for Landry. However, at least around the same time John Dorsey, a general manager who knows how to build a roster, made sure Landry was not the lone major acquisition.

Prior to this past offseason, it was very understandable for players to feel like Landry did once he got dealt to Cleveland. The Browns could not do anything to put themselves in a position to be better and I am talking about not just the past few years but since they returned in 1999. A couple of seasons could have a case to not be in that category that is pushing it.

Between failed draft picks, picking the wrong front office regime and coaching staff, not adjusting with those personnel decisions correctly following a firing(s), and poor choices in free agency, Cleveland was not a place players were interested in.

It certainly did not take long for Landry to move on from that point of view after seeing what Dorsey did not just in free agency but also in the draft. Landry has stepped up to be a leader on offense and is embracing the city to a point that he could be the next face of Cleveland very soon.

Cleveland is providing him an opportunity to be more than a wideout with a limited role. With a new role and more opportunities, that previous stance can be nothing more than a stepping stone for Landry in his next step of his career.

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He is taking everything in stride and is looking to make the Browns relevant again. Given how Cleveland has looked up until now, that relevancy should come sooner than later and Landry will be a huge reason why. It is time to take the excitement level up a notch as Cleveland is going to be winning again.