Nick Chubb among top 5 Cleveland Browns whose stock rose in Raiders’ loss

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Myles Garrett, DE

Myles Garrett is already a blue chip stock. But like Apple on the day of a new iPhone release, he finds ways to send his stock soaring even higher.

Garrett had seven pressures on Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr, which included a sack, a hit and five hurries. He also seemed to be the only one in the trenches capable of challenging Marshawn Lynch.

Garrett had eight run stuffs, accounting for all of his tackles in the game.

For as great as Garrett played though, a gassed defense allowed 45 points during a contest that ultimately takes Williams’ defense down a notch.

It’s hard to be considered an upper-echelon defense when your offense scores 42 points and you lose.

The image of Garrett sitting on the helmet at the end of the game summed up how all Browns’ fans felt and reminded us all of how hard it is to actually get wins. Cleveland had to wait 635 days for their first win until getting it against the Jets.

It won’t be that long until these Browns win again, but it does to show how there will be bumps in the road for these Browns.