Cleveland Indians: 5 most likely landing spots for Michael Brantley

Cleveland Indians Michael Brantley (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians Michael Brantley (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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The Phillies are all of a sudden printing money. One minute they’re in on Bryce Harper. They next r rumor says Manny Machado is still on the radar.

And yet Philadelphia is one of the three teams believed to have sent an offer to Brantley.

The Indians certainly know what it’s like to have a big east-coast team come in and just throw money at a player. The Tribe was reportedly serious about retaining Carlos Santana after the 2018 season, but a three-year, $60 million offer was too for Santana to turn down.

Acquiring Brantley would be a safe move should the Phillies lose out on Harper. As a contact hitting outfield who’s flashed a little power lately, Brantley would make the Phillies outfield better.

And if they actually win the Bryce sweepstakes, look out. Brantley and Harper will take over the corner outfield spots while Ryhs Hoskins plays first base.

That leaves Santana playing third, an experiment that didn’t work out so well in Cleveland.

But at $20 million per season, it’s not Philly’s problem to worry about Santana’s development at the hot corner. If that’s where they decide to play him, then that’s where he’ll play.

The Phillies are an interesting team to watch, because they may overpay, especially if they don’t turn off the hot stove with Harper signed, sealed and delivered.