Cleveland Indians: 5 most likely landing spots for Michael Brantley

Cleveland Indians Michael Brantley (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians Michael Brantley (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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All of a sudden the White Sox are players for key free agents. It’s been so long since they’ve been good, it’s a little surprising.

With that said, Chicago’s been stockpiling top prospects, such as Yoan Moncada, and it looks like the organization feels like its time to try winning a bit.’s Paul Hoynes reported the Sox have made an offer to Brantley, leaving the decision in his court.

If the season started today, Chicago’s starting outfield would probably consist of Nicky Delmonico in left, Adam Engel in center, and Avisail Garcia in right.

South Side Showdown’s Etheria Modacure wrote that Brantley’s signing could mean the end of Garcia in a White Sox uniform.

Looking at the starting Chicago outfield, the White Sox face the same problem the Indians currently have. There isn’t a whole lot of offense peppered on all that green space on Chicago’s south side.

The White Sox need someone who can hit, so even if it isn’t Harper, Brantley would still be a tremendous upgrade.

Whether or not the Sox will seriously overpay is a good question, too. The team hasn’t seriously contended for a playoff spot in years and the fan base is hungry for a season that doesn’t end two weeks into April.

Brantley’s signing at least shows the organization is ready to start spending some money to pair veterans with some of the younger talent they’ve collected in order to win.