5 reactions as Cleveland Indians unveil Chief Wahoo-less uniforms

Cleveland Indians (Photo by Ricardo Arduengo/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians (Photo by Ricardo Arduengo/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Indians
Cleveland Indians (Photo by Ricardo Arduengo/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians unveiled new uniforms without Chief Wahoo. Here’s five reactions from the press conference, which showed off the new gear.

The Cleveland Indians unveiled some new uniform combinations today and if you like yelling at clouds, your probably not a fan.

Here’s five reaction to the Indians’ new look.

1. So long, Chief

The day is finally here. Chief Wahoo is no longer on Indians’ uniforms. I’m not happy about it. Like many others, the Chief holds a special place in my heart, symbolizing a life-long love a city and its baseball team.

But, I also get it. Baseball logos shouldn’t offend anyone, yet the Chief obviously does. Major League Baseball finally decided to do something about it, and the Indians really didn’t have that much of a choice if they want to bring big revenue events such as the MLB All-Star game into town.

Am I waffling? Yes. Don’t @ me.

The most noticeable place Chief Wahoo is missing is on the home hat with the red bill. The Indians have been selling these, but the players haven’t actually worn these on the field.

These hats kind of remind you how much the Chief’s been diminished through the last five to seven years. Look at this picture of the Tribe’s press conference.

How different does it look from last year? The Chief would be on the sleeves of the jerseys, meaning they wouldn’t be all that visible to begin with.

The only exception is that home hat, something that will definitely pop out to die hards.