5 reactions as Cleveland Indians unveil Chief Wahoo-less uniforms

Cleveland Indians (Photo by Ricardo Arduengo/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians (Photo by Ricardo Arduengo/Getty Images) /
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2. I don’t like looking like a tomato!

One of the Tribe’s home alternate jersey shirts will be red, with the word “Indians” splashed around over the chest.

You’d think the Cleveland Indians would’ve learned something from those 1970s monstrosities Hall of Famers Gaylord Perry and Frank Robinson were forced to wear.

Not sure if the Indians will keep the Red hands with the blue “Block C,” but if they were those lids with these red jerseys, the Tribe will have one of the worst uniform combinations in the game.

It also reminds me of those mid-90s red wind breakers people used to wear. Think about it. You had one, or know someone who did and they always popped up en masse right around playoff time.

Windbreaks, fine, but Dick Jacobs sure as heck wasn’t trying to pedal red jerseys!

3. An alternate thumbs down

For the Indians’ road alternates, the organization replaced “Indians” on the blue jersey’s with “Cleveland,” appearing in block letters.

The red block lettering on the blue comes off as boring and is no doubt a disappointment to fans who grew up rooting for the Tribe of the mid 1990s.

That blue alternate with Indians in cursive across the chest debuted in 1994. The Indians had finally started to contend with the likes of Kenny Lofton, Albert Belle and Carlos Baerga. It was cool to like the Tribe again, and those jerseys showed everyone you knew what was up.

Cleveland.com’s Paul Hoynes Worte the Indians wanted to clearly distinguish between home and away jerseys, hence the blue jersey with the block “Cleveland.”

This decision screams money, representative of a decision made by a clueless marketing exec. Two home and two road jerseys to peddle.