Cleveland Browns: 5 reasons Baker Mayfield wins third straight at Texans

Cleveland Browns DeShaun Watson
Cleveland Browns DeShaun Watson /
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Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns DeShaun Watson /

3. Getting after Watson

The Browns secondary is healthy, which may help in giving the defensive line an extra step to get after Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

In Weeks 1-5, the Texans looked like anything but a playoff team, as Watson was getting clobbered. He was averaging 38 pass attempts and 8.8  runs per game.

Coach Bill O’Brien adjusted the offense though, and now he throws just around 24 times per game while limiting his rushes to 4.6 per game.

To force Watson to pass, the Browns are going to have to hold up against a rushing attack that features Lamar Miller.

Fresh off a 97-yard touchdown run against the Titans, Miller’s having a terrific season, averaging 4.9 yard per carry. He’s rushed for over 100 yards three times this season. He came close on two other occasions, rushing for 86 and 98 yards.

He’s consistently seen more touches ever since the Texans asked Watson to stop doing so much.

The Browns’ edge must not only worry about rushing the passer, but they’ve got to take away the outside from Miller, which is something they’re certainly capable of.

If the Browns can stifle Watson and force him into more passing situations, I think you’ll see the Browns create some takeaway opportunities on defense.