Cleveland Browns: Gnashing teeth over Baker Mayfield comments hits absurd level

Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

A lot is being made about Cleveland Browns qb Baker Mayfield and his attitude toward Hue Jackson. At the end of the day, it’s a lot of fuss over nothing.

The collective gnashing of the media’s teeth has hit an all-time level of ridiculousness following Bakery Mayfield’s big win over  former coach Hue Jackson in Cincinnati Nov. 23.

Baker Mayfield was nothing but professional on the field, shaking Jackson’s hand before and after his four-topdown performance during the Cleveland Browns recent win against the Cincinnati Bengals.

So he rejected a man hug? Hue had other problems, like being shown up on the sideline by Damarious Randall. Randall handing Jackson an intercepted pass should’ve tipped Jackson off that trying to bro hug everyone in sight might not be met with the warmest reception.

Mayfield then spoke on Jackson after the game, where he really pinned the gray cloud that had been hanging over the Browns on the former coach.

"You can put your own spin on it, but we have the same players.”"

If you don’t like it, fine. Mayfield was asked about it, though, and he gave an answer.

This was just the start, though. The lighter fluid got poured on an already strong fire throughout the week. Baker harboring a grudge against his recently fired ex-coach. Talk about too good to be true.

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Blowing off the bro hug went viral. His postgame quotes were plastered everywhere, including this website. The next morning, First Take’s Damien Woody told Mayfield to grow up.

The No.1 overall pick responded to Woody via Instagram, by stating, “I didn’t lose 30+ games (and) be fake.”

He backed that statement up the next day, opting to keep the rest of the details behind that comment in house.

Now writers are defending his right to speak his mind. Meanwhile Steve Young is warning him not to get too big. It’s Friday and we’re still talking about it. Interim offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens, who was the running backs coach one month ago, is now being headlined in stories as a Mayfield defender.

I think the sensible fans understands what’s happening here, but being in the middle usually means you get ran over.

Of course Hue Jackson was put in a hard spot from day one, but it’s the job he signed up, analytics and all.

It didn’t work out and Hue moved on. NFL is often understood to stand for “Not For Long.” Even though the Browns are paying him, getting a job, even with a division rival, shouldn’t be held against Jackson.

Hue’s a football coach who needs to stay relevant. Working for an NFL team helps him do that.

As for Baker, what do you want him to do? Ever watch a Sam Darnold or Josh Allen press conference? You’ll be asleep in three minutes.

Mayfield says what’s on his mind and the fact that you won’t have to guess what he’s thinking resonates with fans.

His personality resembles Michael Jordan in how he finds ways to create chips on his shoulder.

And why not? It works.

He did walk an unorthodox path to the NFL. Not many walk-ons end up winning the Heisman and get drafted first overall.

But what’s chip is there to carry when you’re picked No. 1?

Perhaps it was Hue all along, the coach who refused to give him first-team reps in favor of Tyrod Taylor.

This won’t be the last time Mayfield says something of note.

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Hopefully the talking heads have of plenty of teeth, because the way this guy is playing, they’re going to be gnashing their teeth for a long, long time.