Cleveland Indians rumors: MLB exec says Trevor Bauer can be had for ‘cheap’

Cleveland Indians Trevor Bauer (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians Trevor Bauer (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

In Cleveland Indians rumors, one MLB executive said Trevor Bauer can be had for a “cheap” price, because his new team would also take on Jason Kipnis.

In Cleveland Indians rumors, one MLB executive believes Trevor Bauer can be had for “cheap.”

This anonymous source comes to this conclusion based of the idea that Jason Kipnis‘ inflated $14.7 million contract would also have to be attached to Bauer.

Bauer is arbitration eligible this offseason. It’s expected he’s going to get a big raise from his $5 million salary in 2017, to around $11 million.

That’s still an affordable price to pay an ace, which is how Bauer pitched last season.

SNY’s John Harper is the reporter who quoted the source. He used this executive’s words as a blue print for the Yankees to acquire Bauer, since New York wasn’t able to sign top free-agent pitchers Patrick Corbin or Nathan Eovaldi.

"“Trevor Bauer can be had at a bargain price…At least that’s what I was told on Thursday by an executive from a major league club who has had discussions with the Indians about their much-publicized willingness to trade a starting pitcher,” Harper wrote."

The source tells Harper that the Yankees are just about the only team who could afford to take Kipnis off the Tribe’s hand.

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Harper suggests that if the Indians eat some of Kipnis’ money, while also trading Bauer, Cleveland may be able to get someone like Clint Frazier, whom the Tribe dealt for Andrew Miller back in 2017.

If you’re an Indians fans, you’re probably infuriated by what you’re reading, especially considering the Tribe may be asking the Dodgers for Cody Bellinger in a potential trade. That’s the type of player you want in return for an ace!

Trevor Bauer is the asset here. He’s the front-of-the-rotation pitcher who, even at $11 million next season, is a downright steal. And the Yankees would be the ones holding the Tribe’s feet to the fire?

Excuse me?

Harper would make the point that when you add it all up, the Yankees would be freeing the Indians of $26 million in payroll by taking on Bauer and Kipnis (Kip’s also got a $2.5 million buyout for 2020).

And for this type of financial relief, the Indians would give up Bauer, shed Kipnis, and get young, MLB ready, yet unproven, outfielder.

If the Indians made a trade like this, the fan base would be incensed.

Ownership carries a stigma of being cheap, which I do believe has been an unfair criticism the past few years. Cleveland just had its highest payroll of $135 million.

Player raises are hitting the Tribe hard this year, which will make that number balloon. That’s why the Tribe is looking to dump salary.

But just giving Trevor Bauer away, so you can also rid yourself of Jason Kipnis? It’d be such a bad look.

Fraizer’s a nice piece, and I’m open to him coming back, but as the second player in a package that would include Bauer.

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An interesting rumor, none-the-less, in addition to an intriguing peak into how another MLB executive views the Indians’ situation heading into the Winter Meetings, which commence Dec. 9.