Cleveland Browns: 5 players whose stock is up after holding off Broncos

Cleveland Browns Jabrill Peppers (Edmonds/Getty Images)
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Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield was inaccurate, going 18-of-31 for 188 yards, two touchdowns and an interception.

He wasn’t great, but was good enough. How many times in recent vintage have the Browns lost a game like this with a lesser QB?

As for Maker’s inaccuracy, some blame him being amped up, some actually blamed the altitude.

I almost wish I lived in Denver so I could blame the altitude for all that goes wrong. High blood pressure? The altitude. Male pattern baldness. Oh, that’s the altitude. Small hands? Definitely the altitude.

Mayfield was widely praised for his ability to go deep entering the game, and the brash rookie didn’t back down on the road.

Unfortunately, with his accuracy being off, that wasn’t the best idea. It caught up with late in the first half when he was intercepted.

On multiple occasions Mayfield would’ve been better served to go underneath, rather than try to wow the world with his arm.

You don’t want to change who Mayfield is. He’s a competitor who believes he can score on every down. But a key for him moving forward will be taking what defenses give him, living to throw bombs another day.

On this day, Mayfield was good enough. He had his seventh multi-touchdown game in 11 starts and improved to 5-6 as a starter.