Cleveland Browns: Sashi Brown deserves no credit for turnaround

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Is former executive vice president of football operations Sashi Brown the reason the Cleveland Browns are in playoff talk for the 2019 season? He shouldn’t be.

For the 2016 and 2017, the Cleveland Browns were the doormat of the NFL. Sashi Brown had final say on the roster. They say a coach is what his record is. The same could be said of a GM and their roster.

The franchise did historically bad things in those seasons, as the Browns found a way to go 1-15 and 0-16, respectively.

A Cleveland radio station asked whether it was fair to give Brown credit for the Browns turn around from one victory in over two seasons. Seventy percent of respondents said it was “foul” to give Brown credit, while 30 percent of 2,000 voters said it was fair.

The masses seems to get but, but there’s its still hard to believe that three out of 10 people want to give Brown credit.

Breaking down the roster: Foul

Why laud an individual who could’ve done a job either you or I could have succeeded in doing?

Sashi Brown’s legacy rests in not only gutting the roster, but stripping it down to its skeleton. In doing so, he opened up cap space and accumulated draft picks.

Fine, but cap space and draft picks don’t actually win games. Those assets eventually morph into players.

And when he tried to build up the roster, he made a trade for Jamie Collins, signing him to a massive extension.

The decision turned out to be a huge mistake.