Cleveland Browns: Sashi Brown deserves no credit for turnaround

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Passing on QBs: Foul

It can’t be lost on Brown that he passed up three franchise quarterbacks during his two years assembling the roster.

Injuries have taken some of the shine off Carson Wentz recently, but when he was playing well as rookie, Browns Backers around the world would collectively fall ill.

And then there was Patrick Mahomes and DeShaun Watson.

Nobody would’ve passed on Garrett for Mahomes, but knowing what you know now, that’s another miss that would’ve lived in infamy had things not worked out with Baker Mayfield the following year.

After Mahomes went 10th, the Browns had the chance to draft DeShaun Watson, who had the Texans in the playoffs this year as the No. 2 seed. The Browns clearly had no interest in him, trading down to 25th while also securing the fourth pick in the 2018 draft, which became Denzel Ward.

Hindsight is everything on this one because of one man: Mayfield. Had John Dorsey not chosen the Heisman winner, uncertainty would still be live and well in Cleveland.

It’s because the quarterback is in place that the Browns are expected to end their playoff drought, which dates back to the 2002 season.