Cleveland Browns: 5 takeaways from bombshell ESPN article

Cleveland Browns Jimmy Haslam (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Jimmy Haslam (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Browns
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Remaining questions and observations

1. We still don’t know why Todd Haley was fired.

Wickersham wrote Haslam told Hue Jackson that Haley would be fired the Monday after the Browns matchup on the road against the Steelers. Jackson got canned, instead. And then Haley was also axed.

Haley told Freddie Kitchens that was was going to recommend him for head coach and that he didn’t want the job. It’s interesting because it goes against pretty much everything that’s been reported to this point.

2. Teddy Bridgewater really wasn’t drafted because Haslam didn’t like his handshake? I just can’t believe that’s THE reason. It would make more sense if Haslam’s interest in Manziel had more to do with it.

3. Someone offered a second-round pick for Brian Hoyer? This was during the 2014 draft and Farmer didn’t want to do it because he wanted to show some sort of power in the draft room after his coach got a pick in Justin Gilbert and his owner got the other in Manziel.

It’s just hard to believe someone would offer a second rounder for a player who was coming off a major knee injury.

4. Not really a question more than interesting observation…Hue went nuts after Andy Lee was being traded. It’s when Jackson realized he had no say over the roster. Makes the botched A.J. McCarron trade seem like it wasn’t botched after all.

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5. The whole office meeting to fire Jackson…Dorsey doesn’t come off well. For everything you could criticize Jackson for, I don’t think you could say the team quit on him.