Cleveland Browns: 5 AAF players who should be invited to Training Camp

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As the AAF hits the midway point of its inaugural season, the Cleveland Browns should consider inviting these five players to Training Camp this summer.

The AAF is at its halfway point, and the league is about what many people thought it would be. It’s a chance for guys on the fringe of the NFL to showcase what they can offer, while diehard fans dig into the nuts and bolts of player development.

Quarterback play isn’t great and defense usually dominates because offensive line play leaves a lot to be desired as well.

With that said, the upstart league’s first season should be considered a success because it serves the mission it set out to accomplish. It’s not the old XFL.

With recognizable football names like Phil Savage, Mike Martz and The Ole’ Ball Coach Steve Spurrier attached to it, it wasn’t a surprise to see trump Vince McMahan’s league in quality of play in Week 1.

There are some players the Cleveland Browns should take a closer look at and extend Training Camp invites to, but, in doing research for this topic, it was interesting to see how many players had already gotten a look with the Browns, especially during the past few years.

With the Browns being historically bad in 2016 and 2017, the organization was pretty much willing to give anyone a shot. I counted as many as 33 players with some sort of connection to the Browns roster in the league. Trent Richardson is the most notable former player, but there are many guys who passed through Berea you didn’t even know were there.

Heres’ a look at some players the Browns should take an extra look at, including one who was already here.